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From Scents to Sweets: Understanding What Can Attract Wasps

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Nobody likes getting bit by insects, but there’s a hierarchy. Mosquito bites aren’t painful, but they’re annoying. Bee stings can really sting. But no bite is worse than a wasp!

The venom in their sting can also cause serious allergic reactions, even death. Wasps don’t tend to lash out for no reason. They usually need to be provoked to attack. If one lands on you, try to remain calm, as hard as that may be. Don’t make them feel threatened, or you’ll only increase the odds they attack.

You may feel worried or helpless after spotting wasp nests in your yard. People who want to enjoy the outdoors without getting venomous stings may wonder, what can they do to keep wasps away? What attracts them in the first place?

Read on to learn more about what draws wasps in and how GreenLeaf Pest Control delivers wasp extermination that lets you enjoy being outdoors again.

Garbage Smells Good to Wasps

Humans and other creatures don’t always enjoy smelling the same things. To keep wasps away, make sure to fasten the lids of any garbage or recycling covered and sealed securely. The last thing you want to smell is one of the aromas they like most.

Removing garbage frequently will help keep the wasps and bad smells away. You may not need to be told to regularly through your garbage out, but be mindful if it starts to stink before garbage day.

They Like Sweet Smelling Things, Too

Sometimes, a wasp’s nose likes the same things we do! In addition to garbage, wasps are drawn to sweet smells like fruit, perfume, or scented outdoor candles.

The smells they like come from naturally arising things in your yard, like flowers or fruit trees. Wasps are also drawn to the sight of bright colours, perhaps because they look to them like flowers. There are a few things you can do to discourage wasps from coming to your yard, but it’s impossible to enforce a hard border against these tiny airborne creatures.

a wasp on some purple flowers

Our pest control services can give you back your yard because, realistically, nobody can keep pleasant smells or bright things out of there forever. And who would want to? You should be able to enjoy the space freely rather than fear the wrong move could result in you or someone else getting a nasty bite.

Yellowjackets are social insects that feed on proteins. What are you going to do to ensure they can’t bother you, avoid wearing any scents, and keep hamburgers and steak out of your backyard during BBQ season?

Even the scent of chlorine can attract wasps because they like strong odours.

Sealing the cracks in your home and ensuring the screens aren’t ripped or torn anywhere protects inside the house, but you need to call professionals to know the outside is safe.

Drawn to Property Damage

Wasps don’t harm physically harm your home, but they’re drawn to the cracks of rotten wood, which they get inside. If they find or widen an existing opening, other pests can get in too. The last thing you want is wasps or other pests inside your home!

If you think they might be inside already, resist the urge to caulk or otherwise seal the cracks. That would only keep them inside, where they could burrow further indoors. If anything, it’s good to be mindful that wasps are attracted to property damage and try to keep your home in a solid state of repair.

What We Do

GreenLeaf Pest Control understands the different types of wasps you face, and we know how to uproot an infestation at the source. Wasps can be dangerous, and even getting rid of a wasp nest requires specialized equipment and safety precautions.

Paper wasps have a thinner “waist” than yellowjackets and are somewhat slimmer. We can recognize which type is infesting your yard and act accordingly. Whether you have paper wasps or yellowjackets, you need to be careful and avoid dealing with the nest yourself.

Most people don’t have in-depth knowledge about the difference between stinging insects like wasps, nor should you have to know how to identify yellowjackets to freely enjoy your backyard. Seeing something bigger than a bee flying around with a stinger is enough to know you’ve got a problem, never mind the nest itself.

GreenLeaf Pest Control delivers comprehensive services from trained professionals that will inspect your property, treat and remove active nests, and safely dispose of any contents afterwards. We can guarantee nest removal from any stinging insect, including all forms of wasps. Dial 416-998-9473 to book wasp nest removal or speak to us about our services.

Removing wasp nests can vary, as each job is a little different. Our customized control solutions involve traps, mechanical and insecticidal control, and removing them physically.

Approaches may vary depending on how close the nest is to where people gather. The nest could contain thousands of wasps — that’s a lot of bites! Don’t take the job on yourself. Our friendly, professional technicians will take this off your plate by safely removing the nests for you.

Even the fear of getting bit by a wasp is enough to dampen the mood outside and put a chill over any BBQ. You want to play a game of catch outside with your child without worrying about a potential bite. A wasp sting hurts young and old alike, and you don’t want to sit there holding an ice pack to numb the swelling. If you have seen wasps on the property, call GreenLeaf Pest Control to fix your problem and get back to freely enjoying your summer.

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