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Professional Pest Control in Barrie

As a professional Toronto pest control company serving Barrie, GreenLeaf Pest Control aims to provide the safest ways of solving your unique pest problems. We use traps, enzymes, organic treatments, and baits to protect both you and the environment. Our goal is to utilize the best methods to serve your needs, implementing nothing more and nothing less than what is necessary to solve your problem.

The city of Barrie’s densely populated and industrialized environment can present serious problems in the spread of pest infestations. If you discover an infestation in your home or business, you can count on GreenLeaf Pest Control’s environmentally friendly solutions. We are committed to the fundamental philosophy that when each of us makes small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a positive impact on the environment, our own health, and, most importantly, leave a healthier planet for future generations. How we deal with pest control issues is just one piece in that overall puzzle, and we take it seriously.

When you call us for pest control in Barrie, we make every effort to keep your home and family protected. No matter what pest has invaded your home or business, we offer safe and effective solutions that not only remove the pests but provide you with the knowledge and assistance needed to keep them from returning in the future.

Barrie Pest Control Services: Bees, Wasps, Rodents, Ants, Bed Bugs and Cockroaches

When you are dealing with pest control issues, we offer the safest and most effective solutions to control and eliminate the problem. No matter what pest you are dealing with, we can assist you with all of your pest control needs, including:

GreenLeaf Pest Control Services in Barrie

Pests can cause significant damage to a residential or commercial property. It’s important to enlist the help of professional Barrie pest control services, whether you’re dealing with an ant infestation, mice, or anything in between.

At GreenLeaf, we’re proud to be a Canadian-owned pest control company in Barrie, specializing in safe and proactive extermination. Our trained staff provides a compassionate and humane approach to their work to protect both you and your environment.

Barrie Residential Pest Control Services

Protecting your family from harm is your highest priority, which is why we prioritize the effective removal of pests from your home using the safest methods possible. GreenLeaf Pest Control offers our residential customers a variety of residential pest control solutions in Barrie to control vacuuming, physical barriers, and more. We believe in protecting you from pests while ensuring the safety of your family, pets, and home during the treatment process. We remove invasive pests with a variety of safe methods including steam and diatomaceous earth.

Barrie Commercial Pest Control Services

In addition to providing industry-standard pest removal services to our residential customers, GreenLeaf Pest Control offers commercial pest control programs to ensure our commercial clients have pest-free establishments.

After conducting a thorough analysis of your facility, our team of specialists will develop a unique treatment plan that is custom-tailored to the needs of your business. GreenLeaf offers a variety of commercial pest control services, including:

  • Inspection/Analysis/Recommendations
  • Analysis of Pest Control Trends
  • HACCP Review
  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • Consultations
  • Emergency Services (when needed)
  • Employee Education

Additional Barrie Pest Control Services

Barrie Bed Bug Removal and Prevention

When faced with bed bugs, you will likely use any means necessary to get the insidious creatures out. Unfortunately, this often includes the excessive use of pesticides in your home or business. At GreenLeaf, we believe that effective bed bug removal can also strive to minimize the use of pesticides during the treatment process.

When you suspect a bed bug infestation, our team will conduct a thorough inspection. If any pests are discovered, GreenLeaf Pest Control will utilize proven strategies to ensure that your home is bed bug-free.

Our specialized bed bug treatment includes:

  • Treatment Prep
  • Integrated Pest Management Treatment
  • Educational Support

Many animals serve important roles in the environment; our methods are employed with an eye toward balance in local ecosystems. Our approach to pest control in Barrie uses eco-friendly solutions to both keep you safe and avoid harming the environment in any way.

Humane Wildlife Removal Service (Commercial Only)

Wildlife can pose significant risks to your business, whether they’re causing structural damage or harm to your team. At GreenLeaf, we provide expert wildlife removal and pest control in Barrie, Ontario, to keep your professional environment safe.

We’ll assist in acquiring the proper permits while ensuring our wildlife removal is safe and humane for the animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need pest control in Barrie?

When pests enter your home, they can cause significant damage to the structure of the property and impact the physical health of anyone living in the space. To protect both your home and your family, it’s essential to enlist the help of a professional Barrie pest control company to remedy the situation using safe and effective extermination solutions.

Greenleaf’s trained exterminators will provide the tools and resources needed to ensure your pest remediation is carried out in a humane manner from start to finish. With our insight and experience, you can feel confident knowing you won’t have to deal with the same infestations in the future.

What are common pests in Barrie?

Since Barrie is located close to several bodies of water, many of its residents are accustomed to dealing with unwanted pests year-round. We provide experienced pest control in Barrie, Ontario to protect residents from some of the areas' most common pests, including:

Bees & Wasps: Stinging insects such as bees and wasps send thousands of Barrie residents to the hospital every year. We use environmentally-conscious treatments to remediate your home from various bee species, ranging from carpenter bees to yellowjackets.

Ticks: Ticks are classified into two primary categories: soft ticks and hard ticks. Soft ticks typically feed on birds and bats, while hard ticks are drawn to humans and pets. We’ll help you identify the type of ticks and provide effective tick removal services so you can feel comfortable again in your home.

Earwigs: Earwigs are known to congregate in highly condensed areas, including unventilated basements and attic or foundation vents and are unpleasant to find in the home. Our Barrie pest control services ensure these critters are permanently removed from their hiding spots. Once your earwigs are eradicated, we’ll guide you through the best possible practices to ensure they never return.

Why choose GreenLeaf Pest Control for your Barrie pest control services

At GreenLeaf, we’re more than your typical exterminators. We’re your partners in Barrie pest control, using as many eco-friendly techniques and tools as possible to eradicate stubborn insects and rodents in the home.

We approach every infestation with an unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to safe pest removal practices. Whether you’re struggling with ants, earwigs, mice, or another unwanted pest, we’ll get right to work to ensure you and your family can once again feel comfortable in your home.

What pest control services does GreenLeaf offer in Barrie?

We offer a wide range of experienced Barrie pest control solutions to ensure you’re protected year-round against unwanted insects and rodents. Our team of trusted exterminators are experts in dealing with common pests found in homes across Barrie and Southern Ontario, from carpenter ants to yellowjackets and everything in between.

We’ll identify the root of the problem and offer one of our renowned science-based solutions along with an efficient turnaround. Once we’ve remedied the situation, we’ll provide a detailed list of prevention techniques that we recommend implementing to ensure they are unable to return.

How can I get pest control services in Barrie?

If you’re ready for a Barrie pest control service that gets results, get in touch with GreenLeaf Pest Control today. Give us a call at (416)998-9473 or email our team at info@greenleafpestcontrol.com to get started.