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Odour Control for Garbage & Shower Rooms in Toronto

It’s important to keep a professional stance in all areas of business for both your customers and employees.

For certain businesses, it can be difficult to eliminate strong odours due to the nature of their business. Typically we are drawn to mask these odours control service with perfume-like air fresheners that mask the smell instead of eliminating them.

We offer many different Odour Control services as we know no facility is the same. Our services range from washroom odour control services to compactor room odour control service and beyond.

What We Offer


Washroom Odour Control


Garbage Room Odour Control


Shower Areas


Change Rooms


Some locations mandate a scent-free facility. That’s why we offer an odour control service built to neutralize unpleasant smells and comply with your scent-free policy. It works so well you won’t even know it’s there!

Protect your brand
Tailored Program
Clean Fresh Feeling

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