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Professional Pest Control in Newmarket

Long-standing experience and eco-friendly solutions make GreenLeaf the number one Newmarket pest control service provider for commercial and residential clients alike. As a full-service Toronto pest control company, we offer pest control services in Newmarket and across the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Whenever possible, we offer humane, eco-friendly pest control services wherever possible to boost sustainability, protecting both our clients and their homes.

Newmarket Pest Control Services: Bees, Wasps, Rodents, Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Ticks

Whenever you are dealing with pest issues in Newmarket, GreenLeaf Pest Control will find the safest, most effective pest control and prevention services in the area.

Let our specialists assist with any commercial or residential pest control needs, including:

GreenLeaf Pest Control Services in Newmarket

Whether you’re worried about a bed bug infestation or a wasp’s nest on your property, you need the help of a professional for an effective and safe solution with the experience and dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

GreenLeaf is the premier pest control company in Newmarket, specializing in residential and commercial extermination solutions. We’re committed to delivering protective, long-lasting solutions for our clients to ensure they feel confident about our process and the final results.

Newmarket Residential Pest Control Services

Invasive pests can pose serious health risks for you and your family but introducing toxic chemicals into your home can be just as dangerous. We will provide a full inspection to determine your pest control issues, whether you are dealing with spiders, cockroaches, or bed bugs.

At GreenLeaf Pest Control, we not only ensure the effective removal and prevention of pests in your home but utilize the safest options possible during the treatment process to keep your family safe. We offer a variety of methods to control aggregating and dangerous pests for our residential customers, including steam, diatomaceous earth, vacuuming, physical barriers, and more.

Newmarket Commercial Pest Control Services

GreenLeaf Pest Control has the right solutions to ensure that our commercial clients’ facilities remain pest-free. After conducting a thorough review of your facility, our team will develop a unique treatment plan to efficiently solve your business’ pest problems. GreenLeaf Pest Control offers a variety of commercial pest control solutions in Newmarket, including:

  • Inspection/Analysis/Recommendations
  • Analysis of Pest Control Trends
  • HACCP Review
  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • Consultations
  • Emergency Pest Control Services
  • Employee Education

Exclusive Newmarket Pest Control Services

Newmarket Pest Control for Rodents and Wasps

Wasps and rodents are two of the most common pests in Canada. They seem to serve no purpose, but they actually do.

Wasps prey on insect populations that can destroy vital crops. Some farmers have turned to using wasps as natural pest control in lieu of chemical methods, which is why it is also important to use humane methods to remove wasp nests from your home or business.

The word “nuisance” is hardly strong enough to describe the type of pests that mice, rats, and other rodents can be. Because rodents can do so much more than simply leaving their droppings in your attic, pantry, or kitchen or getting into your food, it is important not to let a mouse or rat problem get out of control. Rodents can chew on electrical cords and wires throughout your home, thus creating a serious fire hazard.

When you are experiencing rodent problems that you want to deal with in a safe and proactive manner, contact GreenLeaf Pest Control for humane and eco-friendly rat and mice removal methods to eradicate your rodent problems.

Humane Wildlife Removal Service (Commercial Only)

If local wildlife is able to enter your business, they can pose significant health risks to your employees and cause severe structural damage. Many of the animals found in Newmarket are regulated and protected by the city, so it’s important to find pest control services in Newmarket that you can trust.

At GreenLeaf, our priority is remediating your place of work using safe, humane, and eco-friendly pest control solutions. We’ll be your partners at every stage of the process, from accessing permits to the final inspection. Our Newmarket pest control experts provide the science-based solutions you need to feel secure and comfortable in the office.

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Contact GreenLeaf Pest Control for All Your Newmarket Pest Control Needs

When you need safe, effective, efficient, and ecologically friendly pest control for your residence or business, contact GreenLeaf Pest Control at (416) 998-9473. We will get rid of any pests in Newmarket, including bed bugs, wasps, rodents, ants, and cockroaches. GreenLeaf Pest Control has set the industry standard for quality pest control in Newmarket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need pest control in Newmarket?

If you’ve experienced an insect or rodent infestation in your home or at your business, this can lead to long-term structural damage and harm to anyone inside. With a variety of pests in residential and commercial areas in Newmarket, it’s important to invest in quality Newmarket pest control services.

At GreenLeaf, we provide trusted pest solutions in Newmarket and across Southern Ontario with a proven reputation for professional, long-lasting results. Each service we provide includes eco-friendly techniques and pesticide-free solutions. We’re dedicated to providing quality pest control and prevention tools that work.

What are common pests in Newmarket?

Homes in Newmarket are prone to a number of pests, particularly in the summer months. We offer experienced pest control in Newmarket and the GTA to help residents protect their property and keep their families safe from over 20 species, including:

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests and can cause significant distress in the home, hiding behind baseboards, under mattresses, and even in electrical switch plates. We provide the relief residents need to rid their homes of these unwanted pests and avoid their uncomfortable bites.

Carpenter Bees
Carpenter bees can cause structural damage by drilling circular holes to create tunnels inside wood areas of the home. Regular inspection is essential to identifying potential infestations; however, professional Newmarket pest control services are the ideal, long-lasting solution.

Varied Carpet Beetles
This species of Beetles is known for causing damage to upholstery and carpet throughout the home and are often found on furniture, clothing, and inside attics. We help homeowners in Newmarket protect their belongings with our secure and eco-friendly pest control solutions.

At GreenLeaf, we’re your partners in pest control in Newmarket and the GTA. We provide the safe, effective solutions you need to feel comfortable in your home.

Why choose GreenLeaf Pest Control for your Newmarket pest control services

Pest control is an important part of protecting your home or business from harmful insects, rodents, and wildlife. While there are temporary solutions on the market, these techniques are not guaranteed to be safe for your family or your home.

At GreenLeaf, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients to ensure they feel protected. Each service we provide is customized to your needs and prioritized with pesticide-free products whenever possible.

Our pest control solutions are backed by science and designed to last. When we’ve completed our extermination, we’ll provide thoughtful prevention tools to ensure homeowners and business owners can take the necessary steps to ensure they never find pests indoors.

What pest control services does GreenLeaf offer in Newmarket?

GreenLeaf offers a wide variety of convenient and effective pest control services in Newmarket with specialized solutions for every situation.

We conduct a thorough inspection of your home or office to determine the root of the problem before outlining our remediation process. Our team is equipped to handle every type of pest found in Newmarket, including carpenter ants, ticks, earwigs, bed bugs and more. Our commercial clients can benefit from our custom wildlife and bird control services.

Every service we provide is science-based and is designed to protect your property and your family. We’re your partners in pest control in Newmarket and across Southern Ontario.

How can I get pest control services in Newmarket?

If you’re ready for quality pest control solutions, contact our Newmarket pest control experts at GreenLeaf. Call us at 416-998-9473 or email our team at info@greenleafpestcontrol.com.