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Ticks are often mistaken for insects, but they are actually arachnids. Regarding tick identification, they are classified into two categories: soft ticks and hard ticks. Soft ticks often feed on bats and birds, while hard ticks feed on humans, pets and nuisance wildlife. Regardless, if you are dealing with an infestation, the removal of ticks from your property should be handled by a professional exterminator at GreenLeaf Pest Control. We can help you in identifying the type of ticks you are dealing with and the safest and most efficient process for tick removal.

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Brown Dog Ticks

Rhipicephalus sanguineus

The brown dog tick is named for its color and because it is found on domestic dogs.

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Lone Star Ticks

Amblyomma americanum

Long Star Ticks are widely distributed in Canada and the eastern United States, but more common in the South.

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Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick)

Ixodes scapularis

The blacklegged tick is widely distributed across Canada and the eastern United States.

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