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The Importance of Pest Control in Food-Audited Facilities

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Many people take for granted that the food they buy is safe to eat. Thankfully, we live in a regulated world where businesses that sell food can’t just operate without an outside eye inspecting them to ensure that what they sell is safe for human consumption.

People shouldn’t have to wonder about the origins of everything they eat. Leaving this to regulation helps people feel so confident in this regard that they don’t have to think about it.

Nothing can shatter this sense of safety and comfort faster than finding a pest in a commercial facility that deals with food. Let’s check out what makes pest control in food-audited facilities so important and how Greenleaf Pest Control can solve any issues you may have.

Certainty over Health

There’s a difference between eating food that may contain more fats or sugars than are strictly necessary and eating what was produced at an unhealthy facility. The former is an indulgence people can do occasionally. The latter is a public health risk.

Facilities hire pest control companies to ensure no pests may transmit illnesses or diseases in the food they process. Ideally, the thought of a pest never crosses the consumers’ minds. Using pest control helps keep it that way.

GreenLeaf Pest Control uses chemical treatments that aren’t available on store shelves to uproot any pest infestation at the source. After all, if you find one pest in the facility, you can be sure there are way more nearby. Facilities that don’t use pest control are flirting with danger — one pest infestation, or even a sighting, can drain their finances and do tremendous reputational damage that’s hard to fix.

GreenLeaf Pest Control provides documentation with every commercial job we do in our program. Each customer will receive a logbook, device map, certificates and licenses, and safety sheets. Our goal is to make it impossible for there to be any type of negative health outcome related to pests and also to eliminate this possibility from occurring in the minds of your consumers and customers.

We also provide you with electronic reporting, giving you 24/7 access to pest control services. Transparency means mobile access to your location’s history and trend reports.

Proactive, Tailored Control

If a pest has already been spotted in your facility, you need to call for pest control for organic facilities right away. However, the best you can hope to do is mitigate the damage already done. By then, the time for preventing it has passed.

GreenLeaf Pest Control offers solutions tailored to your business. No two jobs are the same, and the approaches taken must factor that in. Every location we deal with is slightly different, so we deliver customers a fully customizable pest control program that flexes to their needs at any time.

Dedicated Account Manager

When commercial facilities rely on Greenleaf Pest Control, we know who they are and care about their needs. At our business, you’re not just a number.

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You’ll have an entire team at GreenLeaf Pest Control working for you, dedicated to ensuring your success.

Licensed Professionals

At GreenLeaf Pest Control, all Service Specialists are licensed structural exterminators via the Ministry of the Environment. To stay current and on top of industry trends, they participate in ongoing training.

Your business needs to be protected by not just experts but recognized experts working in full compliance with all relevant laws and statutes for food facility audits. Our technical staff, training, and support workers are all fully licensed professionals leading their industry.

The official stickers of approval licensed professionals leave create peace of mind for your customers. You can have the best pest control experts on Earth, but if they’re not licensed and going by the book, your customers and consumers won’t feel fully assuaged.

Meeting and even Exceeding Third-party Standards

No commercial business wants second-rate pest protection. Of all the places to cut corners, this is the very last place to do it! GreenLeaf Pest Control is proud to meet and often exceed numerous audits from third-party organizations, such as:

  • COS — Canadian Organic Society
  • CFIA — Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • FSSC
  • AIB
  • National Pest Management Standards for Food Plants
  • SFCR — Safe Food for Canadian Regulations
  • And more

We regularly protect many industries and sectors where food is prepared, sold, or eaten. A short list includes educational facilities, food services, retail, transportation, hospitality, food and beverage processing, universities, colleges, and lots more.

Variety of Services

You may be surprised to learn that GreenLeaf Pest Control offers commercial solutions for problems beyond pests. For example, many businesses wrestle with controlling foul odours related to washrooms, garbage rooms, shower areas, or change rooms.

Some commercial properties begin to smell foul because the garbage chutes get flies as they get soiled over the years. GreenLeaf Pest Control offers fruit fly control and helps with garbage-related odours.

Where there are foul odours, there could be signs of a cockroach infestation. After all, pests congregate where there’s warmth and food, and places like garbage chutes can be highly attractive. We’ll get rid of the organic build-up, making the building more pleasant and safer for tenants.

Some businesses have animal problems that are niche and sensitive because they involve wildlife that can be beautiful and play an ecologically important role. However, birds like gulls, geese, and pigeons can create costly, substantial property damage due to droppings and nesting materials. They can also carry viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

The last thing your business needs is to help cause respiratory infections, viral illnesses, food poisoning, or diseases. GreenLeaf Pest Control can balance the needs of the Migratory Bird Act, which protects such species under the Ministry of the Environment of Canada, and those of your business.

Homes must be clean and promote good health, but pest control for businesses may be even more important since it has larger implications for public health. The basic reasons your business needs pest control couldn’t be simpler to understand, but there may also be laws to comply with, too. Call GreenLeaf Pest Control no matter your situation, and we’ll handle it!

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