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Debunking Common Myths About Cockroaches

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Cockroaches are the ultimate pest. Around the world, if the pest world had a mascot, it would probably be the cockroach. They’re associated with filth and ickiness for obvious reasons, and just uttering the word aloud is enough to make people squirm.

Not everything people think they know about cockroaches is true. Let’s put some urban legends to bed and take a clear-eyed look at myths about the mythological cockroach.

Can Cockroaches Survive an Atom Bomb?

It’s commonly said that if an atomic bomb were to go off, the only survivors would be the cockroach. They might be small, but they’re incredibly durable! However, the claim isn’t exactly rock solid.

Cockroaches can withstand between six to 15 times the lethal radiation dose than humans. But many insects are better than humans here. The Habrobracon can withstand more than 180 times our levels of lethal exposure.

The reasons cockroaches wouldn’t survive a nuclear bomb have less to do with their physiology and more to do with their habits. Cockroaches have evolved to become codependent on human life for this existence.

Some experts think that, even if they were to survive the initial nuclear bomb, after a brief surge, their population would crash dramatically after eating up the available food.

Anybody who has ever tried to get rid of cockroaches in their home knows how stubbornly they refuse to leave where they find the food and water they need to survive. Cockroaches might be able to withstand the initial phase after an atomic bomb, but they won’t survive the custom chemical treatment our specialists cook up to uproot the infestation.

Cockroaches Don’t Bite

Weary residents failing to get rid of their cockroaches may try to console themselves by saying, “They may be extremely gross, but at least they don’t bite!” Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they do.

Cockroaches don’t suck blood the way other pests and insects do, but they take little nibbles of human flesh the way they would any other meat they come upon. Cockroaches are minuscule, so it’s not exactly the same as getting bit by a shark.

Still, it’s easy to understand why you’ll want to keep cockroach nests from forming and why you need to call GreenLeaf Pest Control if they’re already there. Their bites may not tear you apart, but the very idea of them is enough to make anyone’s stomach sick.

Cockroaches Only Live in Dirty Homes

There’s a tendency to think that any home with cockroaches in it did something to deserve it. It must be dirty, with food scraps and old pizza boxes everywhere. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

brown cockroach on his back, squirming

Cockroaches can get inside any home. They’re drawn to water sources and food, and they have more ways to enter a home than you may think. They can sneak inside a cardboard box delivered to your home and, upon entry, begin to reproduce and grow their numbers.

The electric wires powering your house can act as a conduit or highway for these pests to travel. They can also climb along branches that are too close to your home and jump in. Perhaps they slip in through cracks in the wall or foundations.

If you’re wondering what attracts cockroaches with the idea of barring these things from your home, it’ll be very difficult. Cockroaches are attracted to things we all need to live.

Cockroaches gravitate to food and moisture and a quiet, dark place. You can reduce the odds of attracting them by keeping your home tidy and neat, doing things like tossing out the garbage regularly and keeping it sealed. But nobody’s home is bereft of water and food.

If roaches have already breached your gates, call GreenLeaf Pest Control to uproot the infestation.

Cockroaches Don’t Excrete Waste

Cockroaches can recycle nitrogenous waste without having to urinate, but despite what some people think, they do still discard solid waste. Like birds, they have a gizzard and crop that receives food after eating.

The intestines absorb the nutrients, then the waste flows through the colon and rectum and out of the anus. Don’t confuse this process with them shedding behind their skin or exoskeleton. Both cockroach feces and skin can trigger people’s asthma or allergies when inhaled.

Most people don’t feel the need to wade too deep into the distinctions between cockroach excretion. If you see any signs of a German cockroach infestation, such as waste or skin they shed away, call us to eliminate them right away.

The traps or chemical sprays you buy from a store will only work on a fraction of the roaches and won’t ultimately uproot the infestation. In contrast, our experts make custom solutions that you can’t find at your local hardware store or convenience store.

They may be custom chemicals, but all the ingredients are approved by Health Canada, so you can sit back confident that they’ll be ruthless on roaches and friendly to your pets.

You Can Tackle Roach Problems Yourself

When people see a cockroach in their home, they have an understandable urge to kill them themselves. They may try to stomp on them or use store-bought chemicals or traps.

As mentioned, these are half-solutions that give homeowners a false sense of security and give roaches more time to reproduce. You may see a few roaches trapped in the glue or a handful of dead bodies near the area you treated.

Nearby but out of view, they’ll be breeding and ready to return in larger numbers. Don’t waste your time and energy on half-measures that don’t fix the underlying problem. If you need German or Oriental cockroach extermination in Toronto and Southern Ontario, call GreenLeaf Pest Control today.

We can eliminate an existing infestation or implement our Home Protection Plan to give you proactive security from pests like cockroaches. Taking them on yourself without professional help is a Sisyphean challenge, as is trying by yourself to prevent them from entering in the first place.

Cockroaches are probably the most universally despised pest for a reason. They can spread sicknesses, bite, and leave waste behind, and they’re simply gross. Sometimes people tell tall tales about the cockroach, but when you get past the myths and straight to the truth, they are still disgusting and deserve all the hate they get! Call us if you need help getting rid of these creatures or preventing them from stepping through your door.

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