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Servicing all of Southern Ontario

toronto: 416.998.9473

Servicing all of Southern Ontario

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Vaughan Pest Control

Vaughan Pest Control Services


vaughan pest controlGreenLeaf Offers Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services in Vaughan and Across the GTA

Being one of Toronto’s fastest growing cities, Vaughan is susceptible to pest infestations that compromise homes and businesses. When you need fast, effective and eco-friendly Vaughan pest control removal and prevention GreenLeaf has the perfect solutions. We will remedy the situation without placing your family, customers, home, or business in harm of toxic chemicals. Ongoing prevention includes removing access to your property and by minimizing the attraction to food, shelter and a breeding place for pests.


Commercial Pest Control and Management & Residential Pest Control Services


With in-depth knowledge and understanding of the life-cycles of pests, their behaviour, likes and dislikes, we are able to devise the ideal solutions at the right time to remove the problem safely and efficiently. We prioritize your family’s well being and that of your furry friends as well.Speak to GreenLeaf / Vaughan Pest Control about our bed bug services and how we can keep your home free from harmful chemicals and poisons.


Whether you have bed bugs, ants, rodents, wasps, bees or other pests, you can rely on GreenLeaf for the best Vaughan pest control solutions. We offer the following services:


  • Ant Control
  • Bee Removal
  • Wasp Control
  • Mice and Rat Control
  • Bed Bug Detection/Removal
  • Bird Control
  • Exclusion from the Structure
  • Repair of Structures


The Vaughan Pest Control Philosophy


At GreenLeaf Pest Control, we believe in the fundamental philosophy that through making small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a positive impact on our personal health, and on the environment, and leave a healthier planet for future generations to come. Environmentally-friendly pest control may only be a small piece of this puzzle, but it is important and necessary piece nonetheless. That makes GreenLeaf the preferred pest control for homes and businesses in Bradford.


When you need eco-friendly Vaughan pest control services, call GreenLeaf. Whether you’re struggling with ants, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, bats of any other type of pest, get in touch with GreenLeaf / Vaughan Pest Control today.