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How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest

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close up of a wasp on a shimmering, moist green leaf As pest control experts, we often deal with ridding your home’s interior of pesky pests. The spaces where we make food, sleep and wash our bodies need to be clean and promote good health.

We’ve also spent lots more time outdoors lately, as COVID-19 made it unsafe for people from different households to gather together under the same roof. People everywhere have a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors, and it’s crucial that this space be pest-free too. The outdoors may not have walls or a ceiling, but it’s a space in your home where people should feel relaxed and safe.

That’s difficult when wasps are present. The backyard is there for barbecuing, reading, swimming, and socializing — it’s there for relaxing and playing. Wasps are the last thing you want.

Let’s look at what wasps can do, why their nests need removal, and how GreenLeaf Pest Control allows people to enjoy their backyard safely.

Emergency Room Stings

A wasp sting is not like that of a mosquito. If you get bit, you’ll likely feel more than just an itch. Stinging insects like wasps, bees, and hornets send more than half a million people to the emergency room annually.

The second half of summer is their busy month, as colonies search for food for their queen that will take her through the cold, long winter months. Bees die after a single sting, but this isn’t true of wasps, whose venom can cause severe allergic reactions that can even be fatal.

Wasps tend to only sting when they feel threatened. However, wasps like Yellow Jackets, some of Ontario’s most aggressive, can sting when unprovoked. Don’t make any sudden movement if a wasp lands on you. Try to brush it away gently.

If you do get stung, use an ice pack to reduce the swelling and ease the pain. In the event of an allergic reaction, get medical attention.

Wasp Repellants

Homeowners can do a few things in the early months of summer to reduce the likelihood of a wasp’s nest forming. It’s easier to remove a newly formed nest than a full-sized one later in summer or fall, so circle your property to look out for what attracts wasps and remove it.

Remove garbage frequently and keep any trash cans and recycling bins covered. Avoid using sweet-smelling perfumes and outdoor scented candles when outside, as these may draw wasps. Likewise, cover your food when eating outdoors.

You can get traps from a hardware store or buy a fake wasp nest as a decoy that deters real wasps from gathering in your yard. If you’ve done these things and wasps are still there, it’s time to call for professional bee and wasp extermination.

Nest Removal

This cannot be said enough: removing a wasp nest by yourself can be extremely dangerous! Approach the nest with caution, even when you’re just passing by on foot. Removing it by yourself is not advisable.

Our comprehensive home pest control service includes wasp nest removal by trained professionals who inspect your property, treat and remove active nests, and safely dispose of any contents.

We guarantee nest removal from any stinging insects, from wasps to bees and beyond. Call us at (416) 998-9473 for our professional pest control services.

Property Damage is Done Already

While wasp nests don’t typically cause structural or aesthetic damage to your property, a colony’s presence suggests the damage is there already. Wasps are drawn to cracking, rotten wood, letting them slip inside.

Their entry may pave the way for other pests to enter. Aggressive yellowjacket wasps tend to build nests near the roof, and if there’s damage to it and water gets in, they may find their way inside and establish a presence in attics and wall voids.

Help, They’ve Made it Inside!

A nest outside the home is bad enough, but sometimes structural colonies manage to sneak in! You may feel an understandable urge to take immediate action, but doing things like caulking or sealing up the nests may inadvertently drive them inside, where they burrow into hidden wall voids.

Call GreenLeaf Pest Control for wasp removal in Toronto and the GTA that keeps you free to enjoy your backyard space during summer. Our licensed technicians have deep knowledge, so they can identify the specific species of stinging insect.

They also have special protective gear to perform the treatment and remove the nest safely. Not every wasp nest job is the same, so GreenLeaf has customized control methods involving traps, mechanical and insecticidal control, and physical removal.

wasp on a flower, close up

A certain method may be more suitable depending on where the nest is located on your property and its proximity to where people tend to gather. We’ll also provide expert advice and preventative treatments, so wasps don’t rebuild their nests in the treated areas.

Friendly, Professional, Expert Technicians

Homeowners want to know that their wasp nest problems will get dealt with thoroughly and safely. There could be thousands of wasps inside a fully formed nest, and they’ll sting people to protect what they perceive as a threat.

We offer pest control in Guelph and throughout Southern Ontario that strives to deliver friendly and professional service. As a local, family-owned business, we have tight relationships with our technicians.

You wouldn’t let just anybody into your home, and this doesn’t change even if the wasp nest is technically outside. Whether the pest problem is inside or out, our technicians will always show up on time and behave courteously while on the job.

If you want an exterminator in Markham and throughout Southern Ontario who takes their job seriously and treats you and your property well, call GreenLeaf Pest Control.

The dark, cold months of the Canadian winter help people here appreciate the warmth and sunshine of summer. We only have a short window to enjoy the lovely outdoor weather, which happens to coincide with when wasps tend to breed and feed. Keep your backyard safe from wasps, other stinging insects, and any other pest by calling GreenLeaf Pest Control today.

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