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Home Protection Plan

GreenLeaf has developed a year-round program which provides inclusive protection against common pests of your home.

Sick of having to deal with pests all year round and just want somebody else to take care of it for you? Our customized Home Protection Plan (HPP) program acts as a proactive preventative measure to keep you home and family safe all year round. Our technicians are best in class and will ensure that no matter what the season your family will be protected. When you have pest concerns we are there to help!

How does it work?
  1. Intensive Initial service for existing pests and current conditions
  2. Follow-Up exterior inspection and preventative treatment during specified months
  3. Special additional service for when pests are observed at no extra charge
  4. Exterior rodent traps setup to combat any current rodent population
What pests are covered?
  1. Spiders
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Carpenter Ants
  4. Pavement Ants
  5. Mice
  6. Crawling Insects
  7. Stinging Insects
Additional seasonal services

We also offer preferred pricing for our additional seasonal services:

  1. Cluster Flys
    – Consists of a late summer treatment to the exterior of your home. This service will result in a reduction of the number of cluster flys overwintering inside your walls and attic.
  2. Mosquitoes
    – Consists of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly exterior service from May – September to treat shady lawn areas shrubs, other low foliage and congregating areas. With our proprietary method you can expect a major relief of mosquitoes during nice summer months. OWN your backyard
  3. Tick Program
  4. Year Round Rodent Program

Let us help you out.

At GreenLeaf we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We are more than just the “exterminator”. We are your neighbour, protectors of public health and the environment. Give us a call, and let our team take care of your business or home.