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Everything You Need to Know About Cockroach Nests

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brownish yellow cockroach perched on a crystal, close up

Despising cockroaches and feeling utterly grossed about them unites people worldwide. They’re pretty much synonymous with the very idea of icky.

Most people don’t know a whole lot about them, and why would they? Stomping your foot on them is a more common reaction than opening an encyclopedia. However, knowing a bit about cockroaches and their nests can help you avoid a roach infestation and control cockroaches in your home.

Where Do Cockroaches Make Nests?

Cockroaches like to situate themselves near what they need to live, and what they need to live is what most creatures require: food and a water source. They tend to nest in cracks and crevices in the kitchen or washroom, where the water and food are.

Cockroaches like warm, humid environments. In winter, they seek the warmth of an indoor shelter. Now that the spring is upon us, they may set up a dwelling inside of yours. Call GreenLeaf Pest Control for cockroach exterminators that get the job done properly the first time.

Our custom treatments will not just kill many of the roaches; they’ll permanently uproot the infestation. We create our own anti-cockroach treatment you can’t find in stores, and not only are they more effective than those at the hardware store; they’re also made with Health Canada-approved ingredients, so you know they’re safe for the environment and pets.

When Do Roaches Make Nests?

The only cockroach that lives outside in Ontario is the Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach, but they’re only in extremely wooded areas. When springtime rolls around in Toronto and the GTA with summer still ahead, the German Cockroach has its high season still ahead.

A cockroach will make a home inside of yours if you aren’t careful. They can enter the home in some surprising ways. All they need is a tiny crack to get inside, and when they’re outside, they tend to hide out under mulch, firewood, landscaping, and flower beds.

Cockroaches may seek refuge in the warmth of your home during winter, but they’re omnipresent in the warmer months. Sadly, to the question of when roaches make their nests, the answer is: now.

cockroach crawling along a wooden ledge, seen from far away

You probably don’t know how to identify Oriental cockroaches from their peers, and that’s OK! That’s our job. But it’s good to recognize the signs of a cockroach infestation because they can tip you off to their presence and give you more time to eliminate them.

How Can You Keep a Roach Nest from Forming?

Prevention is the only thing better than eliminating a pest infestation. The relief you feel when the final roach is gone for good is surpassed only by the innocence of never having had them in the first place.

People tend to think that keeping a clean home is enough to ensure cockroaches won’t come inside. It does help! All things equal, it’s better to regularly clean the types of places roaches stay, like near indoor food waste, debris, trash boxes, and other such places in the home, garage, or yard. Seal up any cracks in your home’s exterior, so the critters can’t crawl through

However, cockroaches can stealthily enter your home like Greeks in a Trojan horse by hiding out in grocery bags, boxes, suitcases, and even new furniture. Cleaning up the food where cockroaches like to dwell is a great first step, but it may not be enough.

When dealing with German cockroaches or any other type of roach, it’s best to let the professionals handle it. The more time you give to half-solutions, the longer roaches have to reproduce and grow in number. Not only will you delay getting rid of the infestation, but you’ll increase its size in the meantime.

While there are some useful preventative measures to take, it’s possible that cockroaches find a way in, even if you do your utmost. If this is the case, give us a call!

We can control cockroaches in your home, so you can enjoy your home space freely without worrying that a creepy crawly will be under the sink whenever you open the cupboard. Enjoy peace of mind right away rather than waste time and money on solutions that don’t totally fix the problem.

Home Protection Plans

Finally, GreenLeaf Pest Control is proud to offer our Home Protection Plan to prevent a cockroach (or any other pest) infestation from ever forming. Here’s how it works.

First, our courteous and professional technicians will arrive at your property for an inspection of the grounds and the interiors. They’ll remove any pest attractants they find and kill any creatures they may come across.

Next, they’ll do a preventative treatment, so any adjacent pests will scurry in the other direction. Finally, they’ll return multiple times to ensure the treatment works. If somehow it didn’t, they’ll kill any pest on the premises at no charge.

The GreenLeaf Pest Control Home Protection Plan lets you sit back and enjoy your home without the thought of pests ever crossing your mind. You can do things to prevent attracting roaches, like regularly tidying the areas by your sinks, and garbages, but they aren’t guaranteed to work.

Choose the Home Protection Plan to get the best coverage and peace of mind possible. Our friendly and courteous technicians will put you immediately at ease, as having pests in your home can be a little unnerving. You’ll enjoy having them in your home, unlike the cockroaches. And when the technicians are gone, they’ll be sure not to leave any pests behind.

GreenLeaf Pest Control has offered pest control in Toronto and across the GTA for years, helping locals enjoy a happy and hygienic home. Cockroaches aren’t only gross to look at: they also present health risks! If you see one roach, you know more are not far behind, and there’s likely a nest nearby. In other words, when you see a single cockroach on your property, call GreenLeaf Pest Control right away!

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