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What Keeps Mosquitoes Away?

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adults at a BBQ outdoor, having fun If you’re like most Canadians, you spend the winter months fantasizing about being back in the warmth of a summer night. When the barbeque is lit, the deck is full of friends, and the cheer is in the air.

However, it usually happens that when the nights actually get warm and comfortable, you get outside and realize you forgot how buggy the Great Outdoors can be. We tend to remember the season through a rosy lens and seldom think of the worst summer pests when we picture the parties to come.

Mosquitoes are a difficult pest to control. They are tiny and numerous creatures.

Please read on for some helpful tips about how to minimize their presence and how our mosquito control and extermination services give you the best shot of being mosquito-free.

Culex Mosquitoes

Most people don’t get close enough to mosquitoes to notice any differences between species. There are, in fact, different types of mosquitoes, and it pays to know which types are in Ontario and Canada.

Male culex mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, so if you feel one biting you, you know it’s a female. Drawn to all forms of standing or stagnant water, the culex mosquito is the one you likely think of when you think of mosquitoes.

They’re about a quarter of an inch in size, six-legged, and they’re a narrow oval in shape. We’re very experienced when dealing with culex-mosquitoes, so wherever you are in Southern Ontario, call GreenLeaf Pest Control.

You don’t need in-depth knowledge about mosquitoes, nor do you want to spend time studying their habits and tendencies. Just give us a call, and we’ll take over.

Eliminate What Mosquitoes Need to Live

The first way to keep mosquitoes out of your life involves eliminating what they need to live. They won’t breed on your property if your property is missing what they need to survive.

Like most creatures, mosquitoes need a water source to survive. These can exist in different ways. From temporary pools created by snow or rain to containers holding rainwater, you must do everything to limit the standing water outside your home.

Even very moist soil can be enough to attract mosquitoes. Take the time now to prepare for mosquito season by removing what standing water you can. Take a walk around the yard to ensure there’s nowhere for rainwater to collect.

father and daughter outside, high fiving on the deck

The water you collect for birds and other animals might accidentally attract mosquitoes, so be mindful to keep an eye open for that. Mosquitoes also love yard debris and thick vegetation, as it gives them shelter from the breeze.

Keeping your property free of excess water and neat will limit the mosquito population, and your yard will also look better, too. There’s no guarantee that mosquitoes won’t visit your property, but eliminating what is sure to draw them in is the best thing you can do.

Discourage Them

Eliminating mosquito attractants is one great way to keep them away. Burning mosquito coils or other things meant to chase them away can also work effectively.

There are various oils you can burn, in addition to coils or lights mosquitoes are averse to. None of these measures are permanent, and they work only partially or not at all.

You also need to put up with the smell that’s created from whatever you burn. If you’ve eliminated standing water and activated some coils or oil and the mosquitoes are still biting, you need to call in the professionals.

Disease Vectors

Most people hate mosquitoes because bites from a female can cause itching, and you never only have one at a time. They also seem to bite you in funny places, like in the hollow spaces behind the knee where the ankle and thigh meet.

Culex mosquitoes also transmit numerous diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, West Nile virus, and more. Whether you regard mosquitoes as a nuisance or disease vector, you’re right to want them off your property.

Nobody wants to get bit and hope it’s merely something to avoid scratching. Calamine lotion can handle the itch, but mosquitoes can spread real illnesses.

GreenLeaf Mosquito Control

It’s impossible to guarantee that your property will be entirely mosquito-free, but GreenLeaf Pest control offers the next best thing. Our Mosquito Management program will have one of our expert mosquito technicians on your property to personally handle the problem.

With science-based tools and research, we give customers a fully tailored program so they can enjoy their backyard and outdoor spaces! All our technicians are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and have been certified in Mosquito and Biting Fly services. GreenLeaf Pest Control is proud to offer the first Mosquito Monitoring Devices!

Our devices can catch pregnant females looking for a place to lay their eggs. We’ll trap her before she lays eggs, giving birth to potentially 1,200 more mosquitoes!

If you sign up for our Mosquito Management program, you’ll get a total of 8 visits between May and August. With a licensed technician visiting every two weeks to inspect, treat, and report, you can fight back against the mosquitoes and reclaim your yard.

Subscribing to the program also gets you exclusive mosquito control content about how to keep them away from your home, mosquito myths, and more. You might not be able to keep every single mosquito from flying onto your property, but taking realistic and advanced measures to control mosquito populations is within anybody’s grasp.

After months of staying indoors in the cold and dark Canadian winter, people are eager to seize the warm seasons and get the most from their outdoor spaces. You can sit in your yard in a hoodie and pants tucked into your socks, giving the mosquitoes no targets to bite.

But if you really want to relax and enjoy, call your local pest control service for industry-leading mosquito prevention.

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