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Fruit Flies: Tips for Fighting Off Fruit Flies

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FINALLY – Hello SUMMER!!!! Hi, I’m Nav and new to the GreenLeaf team 🙂  I am young and very conscious about my health. When it comes to health, food is always a popular topic of discussion. Where there is food, pests are usually not far behind. In today’s blog, I will shed some light on fruit flies. What are they? What attracts them to our yummy food? Why are they called fruit flies? How do they affect us and do they carry any disease

After reading many scientific books, posts, and articles, I learned many key facts that helped me manage fruit flies. If you are curious enough like me, follow these tips and tricks to protect your family!

Fruit Flies | tips and tricks to protect your family


Food attracted to Fruit Flies FACTS: Fruit flies prefer access to moisture and rotting food, so partially clogged kitchen drains are very attractive to them. Unsealed garbage bins can also attract both large and small flies as well as other nasty pests.

But don’t despair, we can win this battle!

Fruit flies can be a problem all year but are especially common during the late summer/fall because they are attracted to ripened or fermenting food and vegetables.


Colour: Dull tan to brownish yellow or brownish-black; eyes usually bright red. Larvae are nearly white, except mouth hooks which are black and the tips of the abdominal breathing pores which are yellowish.

Characteristics: Adult small fruit flies have an antenna with a feathery bristle; wings with thickened front margins, intersected in two places.

Size: Small fruit fly and vinegar fly adults are about 1/8 in long, including wings.

Potentially Dangerous: Yes

Disease caused by fruit flies


Fruit Fly | Identification, Prevention

What can I do? – Home Remedies!

As part of human nature, initially, we enjoy trying to fix things on our own! Indeed, everyone likes to save money and DIY! So, go for it, give these tips a try!

Truly speaking, we are unaware of pest solutions, there are a plethora of flies out there – The most important step is prevention, then if you have an issue species identification and next elimination.



Still, Battling Fruit Flies? Call the Experts at GreenLeaf Pest Control!

If you are still struggling with fruit flies after following our 5 tips, we strongly recommend you contact a GreenLeaf professional fruit fly exterminator and get rid of your fruit flies once and for all! We provide instant relief and provide you with recommendations on how to continue managing flies. Start protecting your family with GreenLeaf Pest Control. Book a phone consultation today!

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About the Author:

Navjot Kaur, the Digital Marketing Specialist and Web-Developer at Greenleaf Pest Control. Happily graduated from Lambton College in Mobile app design & development. She is new to the pest control world. In her free time, she is an avid gardener, reader, likes to explore and definitely has some great dance moves.

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