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Who knew different bugs appear in different seasons? Yes, pests are seasonal! Fall is the season for occasional invaders like boxelder bugs, west conifer bugs, cluster flies and marmorated stink bugs. Winter is fast approaching, and these insects are looking for warmth, food and water right inside of your home. At this time of the year you will see an abundance of stink bugs, boxelder bugs, lady bugs and cluster flies around your house. They will be congregating on walls, coming out from vents, harboring in cracks and crevices, attracted to indoor plants etc. However, seeing them often you might not know the nuisance and threat they pose to your family. GreenLeaf Pest Control has gathered some facts to prepare you with the tools you will need this fall to protect your family and pets! 

We all work hard to live in our dream home. It’s important to routinely maintain and protect our homes. Not only does it help protect against occasional invaders, but properly sealing up cracks and crevices can help keep your house warm, saving you money on hefty hydro bills in the long run! Also these pesky insects and even rodents can be responsible for damaging your home, creating unwanted repairs that can become costly! 


  • Some can bite or pinch 
  • Secrete foul odors 
  • They can cause damage to plants
  • Some stain indoor furnishings
  • Damage fabrics
  • They like to hide in cracks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, light switches etc.
  • The Inside of the building or homes are more accommodating for occasional invaders!

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

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Winter is suspected to come early this year and bugs are making their way into our homes where they can overwinter. Likewise, other overwintering occasional invaders often hide on the sides of buildings, cracks in warm areas of your home. Do you know how stink bugs get their name? Well, from the odor they emit! Although they don’t bite, you may still experience red, irritated skin if they land on you and scratch you.

Overwintering pests hiding in the spots where homeowners are unable to detect them, even though the scent they emit attracts other pests. Despite this, their tendency is to invade homes in high numbers and can be a huge nuisance. When squished, they also emit an odour that some people have compared to cilantro or skunks. Yuck!

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Boxelder bugs

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The neat picture of a boxelder bug taken by our very own #Mr.KnowBugs. Bugs have different names according to their behaviour. Boxelder bugs are red and black with orange markings on their back with a somewhat-flattened, oval-shaped body. These creepy crawlers feed on plants and usually live in trees or plants. In the late fall, boxelder bugs are in search of a new home to overwinter, like on the side of a rock, tree and buildings where the sun hits. During winter, boxelder bugs like to hide in small cracks and crevices in walls, baseboards as they seek to find warm places. 

Boxelder bugs are most commonly seen  in late summer and in the fall. Depending on the person, they can cause a slight irritation and produce a red spot similar to a mosquito bite. When squeezed or handled roughly, nasty bugs can leave red marks or stains which can result in discoloration of curtains, drapes, clothing, etc. Looking for Prevention? Learn how to get rid of them!

Lady bugs

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Ladybugs, otherwise known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles are also very common at this time of year. There are approximately 400 species, and only 3 feed on plants. They are beneficial as they eat all stages of soft-bodied insects. In late fall, adult beetles look for safe places to reside as the harsh winter is around the corner. However, some ladybugs look for places like buildings and homes to protect them over the long winter months. 

Occasional invaders (millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, ticks, fleas etc.) will be very active over the next couple of months. Be diligent and protect your home today! If you are already seeing activity, be sure to contact a licensed professional technician to assist you. 

To learn more about occasional invaders; identification, facts and prevention, please visit GreenLeaf Pest Control!

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Get ahead of seasonal invaders and contact GreenLeaf Pest Control in Toronto today so we can proactively  protect your home all winter along from unwanted insects. We are local and trusted – just one call away! 416-998-9473

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