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New Homeowners: Why Opting into A Home Protection Plan Is the Only Plan!

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New Homeowners | Home Protection Plan

Ontario’s real estate market has been resilient this past year, especially in suburban and rural areas. There is a real demand in the market to move away from the city as more people are working from home and families wish to move into family-friendly neighbourhoods. Most homeowners don’t realize that as you move away from the city, pest pressures change and the risk of different pest infestations increases.

As a prospective new homeowner, my top priority is to protect my family and pets. The last thing I want to see in my new home is a rat tearing apart the dog kibble in the pantry! That’s why I trust Greenleaf’s residential pest control professionals. They recommend always completing a home inspection before moving into your new home.

Full Home Inspections

Inspect Your Home with GreenLeaf Pest Control Professional

Ok, so you’ve hired your trusty GreenLeaf Pest Control Professional to inspect your home … now what? Well, our technicians have been highly trained to look for active pest issues and provide you with recommendations on how to eliminate them. However, it doesn’t stop there! To prevent future infestations, your GreenLeaf technician will also look for pest conducive conditions, such as structural deficiencies and behavioural conditions that should be addressed.

Our team wants to ensure that you move into a pest-free home and it stays that way! Your family’s health and safety are our top priority!

So … I hate all bugs; I never want to deal with them again!

New Home, Landscaping Strategies for Preventing Pests Toronto

So, you’re a hater of all pests? Well, you’ve come to the right place. GreenLeaf offers a headache-free Home Protection Plan (HPP). Sounds great right? It gets even better!

Our Home Protection Plan is a proactive, preventative program that keeps your home and family safe throughout the year. We set up protective barriers around your home to prevent future invasions.

GreenLeaf Family has adopted clients on our HPP program. Meaning, we are here for you when you need us! Along with proactive visits to your home during peak season times, you are also provided with multiple any-times calls. See a pest, just need an inspection, or want peace of mind? Call us any time and we will dispatch a technician to inspect your home, resolve and prevent!

What does an HPP program look like?

Our Premium Home Protection Plan is completely tailored to each home. We understand many different factors come into play and we want to ensure that we are providing you with the best proactive protection plan. Whether you are looking for year-round protection at your Cottage to ensure you can peacefully enjoy your summers or require proactive measures at an income property that you manage. Each program is specifically designed to meet your needs!

Home Protection Plan, New Homeowners: Why Opting into A Home Protection Plan Is the Only Plan!

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If you are tired of battling pesky ants every year and want to finally enjoy your backyard again, then the HPP program is for you. Our programs start as low as $135.00+HST. Want to go for an annual, platinum programme and protect your yard against mosquitoes? Ask us about our optional add-on services. Start protecting your family the GreenLeaf Way. Book a phone consultation today.

The GreenLeaf Way, Way Better!

About the Author:

Amanda Pereira, the Operations Manager at GreenLeaf Pest Control, is always happy to help customers with their pest issues. She is a proud Golden Hawk graduating with an Honours BBA (Marketing) from Wilfrid Laurier University. In her spare time, she likes to walk and take pictures of nature.

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