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Do Fruit Flies Carry Disease?

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The fruit fly might be the least intimidating create on the entire planet. The tiny little speck that flies around your home might be irritating, but it’s hardly threatening. Or is it?

A creature doesn’t need to be a physical threat to cause problems, and fruit flies act as a disease vector. That they’re drawn to fruit is a prime example of how they make healthy things unhealthy.

Please keep reading to learn more about the risks fruit flies pose, their habits, and how GreenLeaf Pest Control eliminates them and keeps your kitchen clean.

Sickness Spreads on a Little Fly

Illnesses don’t need a private jet to travel through the air. All they need is a ride on a little fruit fly, which is drawn to moisture and rotting food. There’s no need to wonder why they’re so attracted to clogged kitchen drains, garbage bins, and ripe fruit sitting on the counter.

Keep attractants like fermented food during summer away! Fruit flies descend on fruits the riper they get. If you see a dull tan, brownish yellow, or brownish-black fly with bright red eyes, that’s almost certainly a fruit fly. They also have antennas with a feathery bristle and wings which intersect in two places.

They might only be an eighth of an inch long, but they can spread illness and disease. You’ve surely heard about homemade traps you can make using wine or vinegar as bait. These work on a small scale, but you’re unlikely to eliminate the source of the infestation.

Fruit flies may not bite or scratch, but they’re bad for your health and need to be taken seriously. Call GreenLeaf for professional fruit fly pest control that gets rid of them for good. This summer, ensure your home is fruit fly-free by signing up for GreenLeaf Pest Control’s Home Protection plan.

We’ll visit your property and inspect the premises for signs of any pest infestation, including fruit flies. Then, we’ll address and fix any current attractants or breeding grounds where pests tend to reproduce and perform a chemical treatment that keeps your home pest-free 24/7/365.

For Mississauga pest control service that is proactive, comprehensive, and gives you total confidence your home will stay pest-free, don’t hesitate to call us and book our Home Protection plan service.

Fast Breeders

Fruit flies breed faster than they can be trapped, which is why it’s vital to get professional pest control. For example, an adult female fruit fly can lay up to 2,000 eggs on the surface of anything moist and rotting. All it takes is 30 hours for tiny maggots to hatch and eat the decayed food.

Two days later, they grow up, ready to mate. Fruit flies only live for 8 to 15 days, so they grow up quickly. Homeowners need to adjust to this speed and deal with the problem thoroughly immediately.

The longer you hesitate before calling in professional pest control, the more time it gives these flies to reproduce in your kitchen.

Eliminate Attractants

The only thing better than uprooting a fruit fly infestation is preventing one from starting in the first place. Fruit flies tend to descend on people’s kitchens during summer and fall, so it’s prime time for these little guys right now.

Don’t leave fresh fruit out on the counters for too long before or after serving. Be tidy and clean up any mess after whipping up a meal or snack. Seal up any garbage or take it out regularly, as fruit flies are drawn to rotting food.

Also, clean your sink of food particles regularly. Here are some more tips for fighting off fruit flies that may help you in the short term when you’re going it alone. They’re worth knowing, but for a simpler yet more comprehensive solution, call GreenLeaf Pest Control.

Health Risks Are Real

According to research, fruit flies can transfer germs from dirty surfaces onto clean ones, potentially spreading bacteria they carry, such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. Such germs can cause food poisoning, even hospitalizing people and putting lives at risk in extreme cases.

Both things are true: the presence of fruit flies doesn’t mean you are likely to get a fatal disease but eliminating them from your home is the healthiest thing you can do. Take ultimate control by hiring professionals for any house fly control services you may need.

Uproot the Infestation

You might feel satisfied looking at the fruit flies stuck in a homemade trap. In chess, they say it’s the pieces on the board that matter most, not the captured ones. The same is true for trapping pests; it doesn’t matter how many fruit flies you’ve trapped if there are still some flying through your kitchen.

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Hiring the best company for Newmarket pest control gets you instant and permanent relief. You won’t enter a room, fearing you’ll encounter another fly or pest. They’ll be gone, and you won’t have to think or worry about it anymore.

GreenLeaf Pest Control uses homemade chemical solutions that aren’t available commercially, meaning you can’t buy them at the hardware store. All our expertise goes into making a chemical solution we know will be effective.

However, it’s also approved by Health Canada, meaning it’s environmentally friendly and safe for any pets you have at home. While you need to be ruthless towards the critters infesting your home, the chemicals must be safe for any four-legged friends who live there or come for a visit.

The sight of a fruit fly may not be as revolting as other pests, but they can spread disease and illness. Steer clear of this issue by getting GreenLeaf Pest Control to uproot the infestation at the source.

Summer is a great time because, when the weather cooperates, your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces blend. Open windows and sliding doors to let the fresh air in, and you’ll go back and forth between the kitchen, deck, and the yard. However, it’s also the prime season for fruit flies to invade, so for Toronto pest control that keeps your home clean and safe, don’t hesitate to call GreenLeaf Pest Control services today.

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