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How to Identify Cockroach Eggs in Your Home

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Of all the things you could find in your home, cockroach eggs are one of the worst surprises. The sight confirms that cockroaches have crawled around your home for a while, making it their own. You have more than a cockroach or two on hand: you have an infestation.

Let’s review what cockroach eggs look like so you can recognize them and take appropriate action. After all, not only are cockroaches gross and creepy. They also trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions, especially in kids.

Cockroaches can spread no less than 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. Coli and Salmonella. Our cockroach extermination service will eliminate any infestation you have, but it helps to know a few tips about spotting their eggs so you can nip the infestation in the bud.

What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like?

Cockroaches don’t exactly lay eggs like chickens and other animals do. Instead, a female cockroach lays an egg case known as an ootheca containing up to 40 eggs. The ootheca’s hard, leathery exterior shields the eggs from predators and even insecticides.

The ootheca is smaller than a penny in size, and the capsules can be black, brown, or tan in colour. Cockroach eggs have a small ridge called a “keel” running down its length. Baby cockroaches, known as nymphs, swallow air to increase in size. As they get bigger, they break open the keel and escape from the ootheca.

If you see any ootheca or nymphs around, act fast! You have a growing cockroach infestation that will breed rapidly if you don’t do something about it. Thankfully, spotting cockroach nests early can help, giving you time before they’re fully formed to uproot the infestation.

Where Do Cockroaches Like to Lay Eggs?

Cockroaches, like all species, have biological requirements they must meet to stay alive. It makes sense that they surround themselves with these things when they create new ones. However, different kinds of roaches prefer different conditions.

For example, the German cockroach tends to hang onto their eggs until just before they hatch, usually a 24-hour period. The eggs may hatch while still attached to the body. American cockroaches lay egg cases near food, as do Oriental cockroaches.

One way to avoid attracting cockroaches is to ensure you don’t leave open food around the kitchen and try to minimize moisture in areas around the sink in the kitchen or bathroom. Take away a roach’s food source and water, and they’ll find the area less attractive.

But there’s only so much you can do. Nobody can avoid having food in their kitchen or water near a sink. People with the cleanest homes on the block still manage to get cockroaches inside. We’re the leading pest control company in Southern Ontario, so call GreenLeaf Pest Control if you spot a single cockroach or their eggs in your home.

What We Do Differently

GreenLeaf Pest Control can handle a cockroach infestation in ways that go far beyond solutions you’ll find on store shelves. The custom treatments and sprays our specialists brew up can’t be found anywhere else. The only way to get them is through us.

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Our treatments are designed to attack the specific type of cockroach in your home. All the ingredients are custom-blended according to what will be most effective. Plus, every ingredient is approved by Health Canada, so you can be sure that they’re safe for the environment and any pets in your home.

You want to be ruthless on the creepy, uninvited guests, not your four-legged friends! Getting elite pest control for your home should put you at ease and give you back the feeling of control that pest infestations can undermine.

Proactive Protection

You’ll feel glad to know that if you see a cockroach, you can call us to eliminate the infestation quickly. But by that time, you’ve already got a major problem on your hands. A bit of effort put into prevention can save you aggravation and trouble down the road.

Our Home Protection Plan service helps in preventing a cockroach infestation in multiple ways. First, our technicians will inspect your property for any signs of a roach or roach attractants. If they find any cockroaches, they’ll kill them immediately. They’ll also remove anything that might draw cockroaches onto the property.

Next, they’ll issue their preventative spray treatments to keep cockroaches away and ensure any cockroaches in the neighbourhood visit any home but yours. They’ll be running away, not crawling. Finally, we’ll return for multiple inspections to ensure the treatment works. If there are somehow any pests on the premises, we’ll kill them free of charge.

There’s no better way to get peace of mind and proactive protection than our Home Protection Plan.

We Know the Signs

Most people don’t want to become specialists in pests like roaches. Ideally, the very thought of a cockroach never crosses their mind! Our technicians know how to spot a cockroach nest and can tell the difference between cockroach species.

In short, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty! Do you want to spend time reading about the difference between the eggs of a German and an Oriental cockroach? Or do you want to hire people who know these things so you can sit back and calmly enjoy a pest-free home?

If you’re curious, we’re happy to teach you whatever you want to learn! Usually, most people across Southern Ontario are happy delegating that task to us, and that only makes us happy, too.

Even the most luxurious homes aren’t safe from getting a visit from gnarly creatures like the cockroach. If you see their eggs, don’t just rush to the convenience store to buy a pest-control spray that barely puts a dent in their population. Call GreenLeaf Pest Control, and we’ll keep your home clean and safe.

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