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Common Insects Found in Hotels and How to Get Rid of Them

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One of the great pleasures of staying in a hotel is you don’t need to worry about ordinary daily routines like cleaning your bed or laundering your towels. If it’s a five-star hotel, you might embrace the assortment of shampoos and cleaning products or enjoy a day at the spa. However, any feeling of living in the lap of luxury will instantly vanish if you find an insect in your hotel room.

Pest control is funny because by the time guests realize you need it, it’s too late! Their impression of your business is already formed, and it’s not one that you’d want them to feel or relay to potential new guests.

Let’s look at some of the insects commonly found in hotels and learn some tips about how to spot them and how GreenLeaf Pest Control eliminates their presence and protects your business.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are gross little critters that attack you when you’re sleeping. If you have been bitten by bed bugs in a hotel, you may wake up to find small, red, itchy bumps, usually on the arms, hands, and legs. They are often in zig zag clusters of three or four bites. However, not everybody who gets bit by bed bugs shows bite marks.

Bed bugs pose a disaster for businesses because they breed quickly, and if they’re in a guest’s hotel room, they might also make it home with them in their luggage. These pests can’t just be eliminated with a trap you buy at the convenience store, so call GreenLeaf Pest Control for bed bug extermination before a guest sees one and reviews your business online.

Bed bugs are a nightmare from which you can’t awake. A bed bug infestation can be horrible because victims may need to take the drastic step of carefully throwing out their mattresses and clothes, and this isn’t guaranteed to end the infestation.

The most comprehensive solution is the only acceptable one: call in the pros.


Cockroaches are universally reviled, and perhaps the first pest people think of when they imagine a gross pest. Roaches are synonymous with pests, and the idea of them scurrying away when you turn the lights on is one of the last things anybody wants in their life, never mind their hotel room.

Some hotels are nicer or fancier than others. No matter where you’re staying, even in the most modest accommodations, cockroaches are simply unacceptable. Cockroaches carry harmful bacteria, and they can spread germs. They’re not just icky — they present health risks.

If a hotel guest finds a cockroach and decides to write a public review, it can do irreversible public relations damage. Call GreenLeaf Pest Control if you need help getting rid of cockroaches because it’s not enough to kill one or two.

Hotel staff making a bed with a fancy headboard

We’ll target the heart of the infestation and eliminate it permanently. If you use the traps or sprays you buy from stores or chemical sprays, you’ll only kill a few pests. However, if you don’t kill them all, they can breed quickly, and their numbers will grow back or exceed what they were before you started using the traps.

The expert technicians at GreenLeaf Pest Control make their own custom solutions that are more effective than anything you can buy in the store. Health Canada approves all the ingredients, so you can trust that they’re environmentally friendly and won’t pose any harm to pets or any creatures.

However, it’ll be ruthless where you need it to be — killing roaches. Anybody who has ever had cockroaches in their home knows how disruptive and gross it can be, and there’s a pervasive and persistent fear that efforts to kill them won’t end the infestation for good.

Don’t just set up a few traps and hope the problem solves itself. Leave it to the professionals. You can’t afford a half-measure that only works a bit! Our flexible pest control solutions adjust to each job.


Flies are usually considered more of a nuisance than the horrifying pests described above. However, they can transmit diseases and contaminate food. Their presence doesn’t tend to provoke nausea like roaches and bed bugs do, but they’re still very annoying!

There’s a reason kids sing, “Shoo fly, don’t bother me.” Hotels looking to provide guests with a lovely experience indoors or outside can hire us for professional fly control and extermination that will greatly reduce the presence of these bothersome airborne creatures.

Guests want to focus on talking and laughing with friends, relatives, and colleagues. They want to eat nice meals without having to slap flies away. Guests harassed by flies might not single out your hotel for blame, but they won’t have as nice a time under your roof.

Of course, you also want to avoid the health risks that flies can cause. Give your guests the fly-free experience they want before they complain by hiring the leading professionals offering pest control in Toronto.


Ants are also small nuisances to guests, but they can do considerable damage to property. They don’t eat wood, but they do tunnel and chew through it. You don’t want any structural damage to your business, so give us a call if you see an excessive number of ants.

Professional ant extermination methods are more effective than the traps you’d use on your own. No hotel guest would ever see an ant and run off to negatively review your business. Still, they can swarm people enjoying the outdoors and pose a risk to your business.

Hiring professional pest control for businesses is an excellent way to keep ants and other crawling irritants from bothering guests and customers. Nobody wants to worry about covering up their food so ants don’t crawl all over it.

While we offer the same level of thoroughness for every job, GreenLeaf Pest Control understands no two jobs are the same. We offer a range of services from odour control to chute foaming and provide all the documentation. You’ll be third-party and audit-compliant in no time. If you think you have even one pest in your hotel, call Greenleaf Pest Control today.

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