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4 Pests That Are Better Left to a Professional

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When an infestation arises, most homeowners will attempt to treat the problem on their own. Although this can be effective in removing most common invasive pests, some insects and ro-dents are more difficult to eliminate and can also pose serious health risks for your family, there-foreare best left to a professional. Not only will a professional pest management company be able to treat current invasions safely and efficiently, they can locate and eliminate the access points pests use to enter your home. If you discover any signs of the following insects or rodents, play it safe and contact a professional.


Rats and Mice


Rats and mice are one of the most common pests that infest homes, and they can also be




one of the most dangerous to your health. These rodents are host to a long list of diseases trans-missible to humans, not to mention their droppings can contaminate the food and air inside the home.


Although there are a number of home remedies to removing rats and mice, such as traps, baits, and poisons, they are not foolproof and could put homeowners in danger of coming in contact with dangerous diseases. Contacting a professional pest control company can ensure the safe and effective removal of all rodents from your home, and they can help locate and seal any holes or cracks in your home’s foundation being used as access points.


Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are notorious for being difficult to locate and even harder to kill. Even if you find and eliminate a few of these bugs in your bed and furniture, chances are there are plenty more hiding throughout your home. At Greenleaf Pest Control, our trained canines are able to detect all places where bed bugs are residing in your home, with greater accuracy than human detection alone. Once the bed bugs are discovered, we will develop a unique treatment plan to ensure all bugs are removed from your home.


rat control-Bed-Bugs


Once the treatment is completed, our canines will provide a post-treatment evaluation to confirm that your home is pests free, so you can rest easy once again.




Termites are one of the most destructive pests that can infest your home, and worse yet, they show little signs of their presence until serious damage has already been done. A severe infes-tation left untreated can compromise the structural integrity of the building, making it unsafe to live in and leaving you with an expensive repair bill.


Professional exterminators are well-versed in the habits of termites and can identify their pres-ence by the key signs these pests leave behind. Even if you have no suspicion of a termite in-festation, it never hurts to have a professional inspect your home in search of these bugs and the problem areas where they may enter in the future.


Stinging Insects


Stinging insects, such as wasps, yellow jackets, and fire ants, should always be left to a profes-sional. Most stinging insects will swarm a home if their nests are threatened, so performing home remedies improperly can pose a serious health risk for homeowners, especially for those with allergies.


If you locate any nests in or near your home or notice any of these insects flying indoors, contact a professional immediately to have them safely removed. With more than a half million people being sent to the emergency room each year as a result of being stung, it is better to leave their removal to a professional.


Home remedies may be a great way to save money, but working with a professional on some of the pest world’s worst offenders can prevent costly infestations and home repairs. If you notice any of the aforementioned pests in your home or need a little help dealing with reoccurring in-festations of less harmful pests, contact Greenleaf Pest Control for a free consultation. Our team of specialists can ensure all pests are removed from your home and provide you the knowledge and assistance needed to keep them from coming back.


About the Author:


Daniel Mackie, co-owner of Greenleaf Pest Control, is a Toronto pest control expert well-known as an industry go-to guy, an innovator of safe, effective pest control solutions, and is a regular guest on HGTV. Mackie, along with business partner Sandy Costa, were the first pest control professionals in Canada to use detection dogs and thermal remediation for the successful eradication of bed bugs. In his free time, he is an avid gardener.

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