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How to Keep Creepy, Crawly Earwigs from Invading Your Home

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Earwigs are one of the most misunderstood insects that roam our planet. With an appearance fit for a horror movie, it’s no wonder why the mere mention of their name sends chills down the spine. The truth is, earwigs are not only completely harmless to humans, but are actually beneficial insects that feed on nuisance bugs in homes and gardens. However, as with any pests that invade your home, it’s preferable to keep them as far away as possible from your kitchen, pantry, and other risk areas. If you notice earwigs begin to invade your home, use these simple prevention and earwig control tips to keep them out.

Beat Them At Their Own Game

Most people won’t realize they are the victims of an earwig infestation until it’s too late, as the pesky critters are great at hiding and sneaking throughout homes. It could take countless hours to inspect every room of the house and look for signs of infestation, so why not go directly to the source? If dark and hidden corners are their favorite dwelling places, start putting traps in risk areas and efficiently eliminate the sneaky invaders. There are a number of inexpensive homemade traps you can use, such as tin cans, cardboard boxes, or rolled newspaper filled with oatmeal, bran, or vegetable oil as bait, to attract the pests and make for their easy removal.



A Dry Home is a Pest-Free Home

Earwigs are drawn to moisture as it’s imperative for their survival, so any pooled water or excess humidity will likely draw them inside. Be sure to eliminate damp, moist conditions in crawl spaces, in your basement, and around any faucets throughout your home. Air conditioning units tend to expel moisture as well, so check your unit regularly for pooling water that might be attracting earwigs. As a final precaution, you can also create a dry border of gravel or stone around the perimeter of your home to further deter them from trespassing.

Lock Them Out

Earwigs prefer to live outdoors, where their food is plentiful and the environmental conditions propitious. However, they will invade homes if the conditions become too harsh for their survival. In order to prevent your home from becoming their new safe haven, you must eliminate all access points where they may enter. This includes installing door sweeps, sealing cracks around the perimeter of your home, and ensuring all windows have secure screens. Basements and attics are also highly-used points of entry for these pests, so perform a thorough inspection to ensure there are no holes, cracks, or unprotected vents in these areas.


If home remedies don’t treat you earwig infestation, the next step you should take is contacting a Toronto pest control professional. At Greenleaf Pest Control, we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure the safe and effective removal of earwigs and other pests from your home. IPM is an effective and environmentally-sensitive approach to pest management that incorporates a combination of common-sense practices, including current information on pest life cycles and their interaction with the environment. This comprehensive treatment practice not only ensures the removal of earwigs in your home, but can greatly reduce the chance of future infestations as well.


About the Author:

Daniel Mackie, co-owner of Greenleaf Pest Control, is a Toronto pest control expert well-known as an industry go-to guy, an innovator of safe, effective pest control solutions, and is a regular guest on HGTV. Mackie, along with business partner Sandy Costa, were the first pest control professionals in Canada to use detection dogs and thermal remediation for the successful eradication of bed bugs. In his free time, he is an avid gardener.

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