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Residential Pest Control and Pets

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Residential pest control is a necessity in Toronto, just like most other cities, because it’s not exactly uncommon for homeowners to find themselves having to deal with an infestation of insects. However, quite a few people who have this problem also keep a pet, which raises an important question: Is residential pest control safe when you’ve got a dog, cat, or other domestic animal?

It’s no secret that many residential pest control companies in Toronto often employ the use of various chemicals in order to drive off bugs. However, it’s easy to see why one might be concerned about whether or not these chemicals could potentially pose a threat to their pet’s health. Some people even choose not to get pest control for fear that their companions might be harmed, which only serves to allow the infestation to get worse.

So how should you go about getting residential pest control in Toronto if you’ve got a pet? Well, you might be relieved to know that your animal isn’t really in that much danger. It’s preferable to keep them away from chemicals either way, though, so if you’re getting residential pest control, it’s generally a good idea to make sure that your pet is crated or otherwise separated in a location that won’t be serviced. Not only does this prevent them from breathing in airborne substances; it also keeps them from getting their paws in the exterminator’s inventory, as many curious animals are wont to do.

It’s recommended that when you call for residential pest control in Toronto, you inform them that you have a pet. It should also be noted that exterminators often try non-chemical means before anything else, so you might not even have to worry about your animal’s health at all.

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