Raccoons: Ridiculously Cute and Totally Dangerous

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Based on appearance alone, raccoons rank high on the cuteness scale … right up there with puppies and kittens. It’s not unusual to hear someone say, “Oh yes, we have baby raccoons in our backyard and we hand-feed them our dinner scraps every night.” To a wildlife and pest control professional in Markham, those words send chills straight up the spine. With raccoons, looks are deceiving. Raccoons can be extremely aggressive and vicious, and are more likely than perhaps any other backyard visitor in Markham to carry the rabies virus. In short, raccoons are dangerous.


Pest control in Markham would be remiss if they didn’t address wildlife control, removal, and relocation as part of their overall services. Urban and suburban wildlife, including raccoons, squirrels, rats, bats, and bird colonies can not only injure you, they can also do serious damage to your home. Besides chewing on electrical wires (causing fire hazard issues) and damaging the structure of your home as they create entry and exit points, the parasites they can carry and the droppings they leave behind create contamination issues that can make family members, both human and four-legged, seriously ill.


Raccoons are generally trapped using live traps, then relocated to a more ideal area. Though a trapped raccoon is not a happy raccoon, the humane traps cause them no harm and no undue stress. Once the trapping and relocation process is complete, have a wildlife and pest control professional survey any damage to determine whether any areas of your Markham home need to be sealed off to prevent re-entry, as well as to determine whether any contamination needs to be addressed.


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