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The 5 Most Common Pests in Toronto

The 5 Most Common Pests in Toronto

Posted By: Daniel Mackie
Category: Pests
What kinds of pests are found in urban areas?

Living in the Greater Toronto Area means encountering all the pests that also call this urban area home. From bed bugs to raccoons, every pest wants a warm place to live. They will find cracks in your house to enter through or hitch a ride on your clothes or your pets.

Houses, apartments, and condos are all vulnerable to pest invasion. Keeping your place crumb-free is a good start; but to stop insects and rodents from getting into your house, you need to take specific preventative measures. Learn about the five most common pests in Toronto, how to avoid them nesting indoors, and what to do about an infestation.


1. Bed Bugs

Toronto was recently named the bed bug capital of Canada, and it’s not surprising. If you haven’t experienced bed bugs in your home, you likely know someone who has. They’re incredibly common in this city, which is why preventative actions are so important. The first signs of these intruders are small dark spots in your bedding. You may also notice dried blood or tiny bites on your body. Bed bugs survive by drinking your blood; they spend their days hiding under bed frames and in the folds of bedding and mattresses. The most effective tool in fighting bed bugs is your vacuum cleaner. You can prevent bed bug infestations by using it to clean almost every surface in your home, including bedding, carpets, and solid furniture like wooden chairs and tables. Bed bugs aren’t restricted to the bed, despite their name. Check packages sent from other locations, and wash second-hand or consignment store clothing and bedding your might purchase. If you do develop an infestation, it can be hard to eliminate without a pest control professional’s help.

Cockroaches come at night to eat your leftovers

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are another common pest in big cities like Toronto. They are attracted to food, and this city creates a lot of food waste. These unnerving insects are nocturnal, so you may not notice them during the day. However, if you turn on the kitchen light at night time you might see them scurry into dark corners. The first place you’ll notice cockroaches is likely in garbage bins or in your kitchen. Not putting away cooking ingredients until the next morning risks attracting all kinds of bug invasions. The easiest way to prevent cockroaches is to minimize their access to food scraps and garbage. Switch all your food to glass or metal storage containers. Ensure kitchen cabinets and pantries are completely sealed. Cockroaches are especially hard to get rid of in apartment buildings, where the food in your neighbour’s unit might bring them into yours. In the case of apartment infestations, have the landlord call a professional pest control company.

Cute, but dangerous

3. Raccoons

Did you know that raccoons have become an unofficial Toronto mascot? Some of our neighbours love them, but many Torontonians see them as pesky scavengers. Since they’re nocturnal, coming face to face with a raccoon at night can be unsettling. Raccoons are commonly seen digging through garbage bins and scurrying along fences, and have been known to become aggressive and irritable when startled. In addition to making a mess of garbage, these pests can also make a home in your attic or shed. They can cause serious damage to a house in their quest to build a den. Raccoons prefer to live in dark, abandoned locations. To discourage them from moving into your private space, try leaving attic lights on at night. If they see light or hear a noise, they may become frightened and find a new home. However, if they have already infiltrated your house, you need to call experts in raccoon removal. There are laws in Ontario regarding the humane removal of raccoons. You’re not allowed to kill them or to relocate them more than a kilometre away from where they’re trapped. Due to the tricky stipulations of getting rid of these masked bandits, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Mouse traps are less effective than expert pest control.

4. Rodents

Toronto has its fair share of rats and mice. You might hear them in your home before you see them. Rats and mice often burrow into the walls of a house searching for food or looking to build a nest, and can be heard running at night. Another clear sign of their presence is their droppings. Rat droppings are visibly different from mouse droppings, and knowing which type of rodent you have makes it easier to find an effective solution. Rat droppings are much larger and rounded on the edges. All Torontonians should learn how to prevent a rodent infestation. Toronto has many venerable, historic homes, and older properties are especially susceptible to rodent invasion. Exterior cracks are a particular vulnerability. Some mice can fit into holes the size of a pencil eraser. The first step is to seal all the cracks on your home. Then, remove any food temptations. Thoroughly clean the house, and ensure all food items are stored in glass or metal containers.

Ants are attracted to food. Make sure yours is sealed.

5. Ants

The spring and summer months in the GTA provide a perfect climate for ants to crawl into homes and search for food. The smallest crack in a kitchen backsplash is a big enough entryway for these pests. The kitchen is an obvious target for hungry ants; but the bathroom can also be a common choice, if you use natural bath products and body oils. If a colony decides to set up shop under or near their food source (your home), it can be very hard to be rid of. There are a few things you can do to keep ants at bay. Start by removing all open food sources. Wipe down door handles, drawer pulls, and anything else that may have been touched by jam-covered fingers. Sweep floors regularly. If you can find the crack or hole where they’re entering, seal it.

What to Do If You Have an Infestation

In the case you have noticed rodent droppings in the kitchen, or signs of bed bugs in your bedroom, don’t waste time on ineffective DIY efforts. Pests and rodents can cause severe damage to property. The longer they’re there, the worse the situation can become. Eliminate stress by calling a professional pest control company. An expert team will inspect your home and develop a viable long-term solution to the pest problem. They will eliminate or remove the bugs, raccoons, or rodents, and return your space to its former, relaxed state. GreenLeaf Pest Control serves Toronto and the GTA with eco-conscious and effective pest control services. We specialize in preventative pest control and resolving infestation issues. If your office building or house has a pest problem, we can help. For a preventative assessment or for pest removal, send us a message or call (416) 998-9473.

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