Managing Little Black Ants

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little black antsCanada’s ant population spans across 100 species (Main pest species for us in Ontario are: pharaoh, pavement, carpenter and acrobat ants), and some of them can cause serious damage to the structure of your property when they take up residence (see our latest article on carpenter ants also). Once they have established a colony, they can be hard to remove. Knowing the species you are dealing with is the best way to manage and control swarms of ants. In addition to expert knowledge of ant species, GreenLeaf Pest Control technicians know the appearance, nesting habits and behaviour of different types of ants, and that helps us to identify the best control methods to eradicate your little ant swarming problem, as well as carpenter ant infestations.


There are many little ant species, some as small as 1.5 mm in length, and others as big as 4 mm. They nest in decaying wood, cracks in cement and wall voids.


During April, homeowners in Canada start seeing little ant swarms around their homes. During spring, ants come out of their hiding places in walls and ceilings, or even outside and into homes in search of food scraps. At this time of the year, ants thrive on protein rich foods that help facilitate the development of their maturing larvae. However, little black ants lack discernment and will eat almost anything, including sweets, meats, fruits, dead insects, vegetables and bird waste.


Little Black Ant Infestation


You will know that you have a little black ant infestation by the fact that they will be present in your bathroom, kitchen or pantry in search of accessible food items.


Preventing & Controlling Little Black Ant Infestation


If you have little black ants in your home, you may be able to get rid of them by:


  • sealing or removing sources of food. Store all food in air-tight containers.
  • inspecting your exterior walls, and sealing any cracks or gaps.
  • removing any firewood and decaying wood from around the building.
  • ensuring that your garbage bins have tight fitting lids.
  • keeping your home clean and emptying the trash regularly.
  • repairing leaky faucets or pipes that may provide water to the ants.
  • emptying coffee grounds along the foundations of your home.
  • trim all shrubs and trees so they do not touch or come in contact with your building.



If all else fails, get in touch with GreenLeaf Pest Control. We offer ecological pest control measures to get rid of little ant swarms.

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