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Why Do Mosquitoes Like Me? Understanding What Attracts Mosquitoes

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You’ve probably heard someone say that they love being outdoors when the weather is nice, except there seems to be a target on their back that mosquitoes can’t ignore. Maybe this person is you!

Do mosquitoes play favourites? Do they let some people freely enjoy the great outdoors while oppressing others? If so, what guides their decisions?

In Toronto, mosquito bites are mostly just irritating. In other places, they can spread serious illnesses and diseases, like dengue. Even if mosquitoes here cause nothing more than itchy bumps, they can be really annoying and ruin an otherwise beautiful day outdoors.

Let’s read a little more about the subject so you can understand how to minimize the odds of getting bit and how GreenLeaf Pest Control’s mosquito control in Toronto and the GTA lets you reclaim your backyard.

What Can Mosquitoes Sense?

Naturalists and people who enjoy relaxing outdoors have always speculated about what it is that mosquitoes actually respond to. Do they react to visible cues? Are they drawn to certain smells, or is it some sixth type of sense humans lack?

Mosquitoes use their senses in different ways. They can be attracted to dark clothing, so it’s better to wear light colours if you’re trying to keep them at a distance. Maybe it’s because mosquitoes tend to like dark and dank places rather than light airy ones. Whatever the reasons, avoid dark tones to help keep the mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes also have an innate sense for the carbon dioxide humans and other creatures give off. When looking for a new host, their receptors are sensitive to not just things they see but things like body heat, sweat, and skin odour.

People who feel that, for some unexplainable reason, mosquitoes just like them…they could be correct! However, it might be that they’re wearing a perfume, cologne, or lotion that mosquitoes like the smell of. It’s hard to know for sure because it’s impossible to ask them!

If the mosquitoes leave you alone one day, but attack the next, try to meticulously go through what you did differently. Keep to what works, and you should be OK. There are also some general things you can do to the home to make it a less enticing place for them to drop in.

Keep Them Away Proactively

Some basic property maintenance can discourage mosquitoes from visiting. Those pesky little-winged creatures like humidity, so keep up your property’s drainage. Clear the gutters of debris and leaves, so the water can run off properly, or it may become a mosquito breeding ground.

You can’t really have too many strategies to prevent infestation since keeping mosquitoes away is the only thing better than killing them off. Along those lines, empty any old buckets, recycling bins, bird feeders, or any vessel near the home that collects rain, since mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water.

Cutting your grass is a smart idea since mosquitoes enjoy hiding out in tall grass. Female mosquitoes need to feast on your blood because it helps them grow and nourish their eggs, but that doesn’t mean you want male ones around, either.

a couple hiking in a very rich, humid, emerald green forest

Have you ever walked through a deep forest when it’s raining? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that mosquitoes and other bugs increase in number. That’s because mosquitoes are also drawn to moist ground and soil.

Any type of wet soil or earth attracts them. You can’t always keep the outdoors bone dry, but you should be mindful to ensure that water can generally drain. Otherwise, you can expect to find mosquitoes gathering there.

Knowing a few handy proactive preventative tips can give you some reliable shelter. However, it’s not guaranteed to work perfectly every time. If you try all the above methods and you’re still bothered by mosquitoes, give Greenleaf Pest Control a call!

How GreenLeaf Keeps Mosquitoes Out

Some people associate pest control with common indoor pests, like rats, mice, or cockroaches. It’s understandable, as we routinely eliminate these types of pests! But there are outdoor pests like mosquitoes or even types of birds which can damage property and take away from people’s enjoyment of their own living quarters.

It’s easy to think about summer during the colder months and only remember the comfortable weather, the BBQs, and family trips. There are many types of mosquitoes, like culex mosquitoes, one of 170 types in North America alone.

The GreenLeaf Pest Control’s mosquito extermination services give you back your yard. Our approach changes depending on the pest we’re exterminating, but we always use Health Canada-approved ingredients in custom anti-pest sprays you can’t find in stores.

Getting your house ready for summer means preparing for mosquito season now. GreenLeaf Pest Mosquito Management’s program is a comprehensive and proactive approach using licensed technicians certified in Mosquito and Biting Fly services.

Those who sign up get a total of 8 visits between May and August, and the technician will inspect, treat, and report.

It’s impossible to guarantee that there will be no mosquitoes on your property, but the GreenLeaf Mosquito Management program is the best way to proactively discourage their presence and maximizes your chances of being mosquito-free.

We can vouch for the character and level of professionalism every technician we send to your home will show. As a local business that has operated in Toronto and the GTA for years, we’re proud to have helped so many homes stay pest-free and hygienic, and we continue to exceed expectations.

If you need Toronto pest control services to keep your property safe and clean, give us a call! Our friendly, professional technicians have deep expertise in mosquitoes and other pests. The spring and summers are great times to enjoy Toronto’s rarely pleasant weather, but you don’t want to be itching everywhere or having to break out the calamine lotion.

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