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Sun Kissed & Suite Dreams Travelling Do’s and Don’ts For Pest Control

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Sun Kissed & Suite Dreams

Travelling Do’s and Don’ts For Pest Control

Travelling pest guide | GreenLeaf Pest Control

After almost two years of crazy pandemonium, lockdowns, travel bans and restrictions; this girl is ready to get on a plane and jet set onto new adventures. Going on vacation is exciting and we often get lost in the bliss of it all that we forget about the risk of insects brought in from other countries. As I am fortunate enough to be writing this from 3000 miles away, I’m going to let you in on all my little travel secrets and the steps I take to protect myself and my family.

Before I leave

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It’s very important to do some research of where you are going before boarding the plane. With different climates and environments there could be an array of insects that you need to watch out for! Many diseases are spread through insect bites from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies etc. Here are some ways I prepare myself:

  1. Consult with a travel doctor 
    1. Book your appointment at least 6 weeks in advance
    2. You may be required to be vaccinated or take medication
    3. There may be certain insects you need to be cautious about and the disease they spread. You can find more information on the Travel Advice and Advisories page
    4. You may need to pack special items (bug spray, mosquito net etc.)
  2. Be sure to Pack the Essentials
    1. Insect Repellant (bug spray)
    2. Light coloured clothing
    3. Loose fitting clothes made of tightly woven material (nylon, polyester)
    4. Long sleeved shirts and long pants
    5. Closed-toe shoes and a hat
    6. Permethrin treated clothing (18+ only)
    7. Mosquito netting
    8. Cortisone Cream

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When I’m There

Whether I’m on the beach soaking up some sun, in the hotel room catching some Z’s or hiking through a tropical forest; different insects may be present. It’s important to know what insects to watch out for, where they can be found and when is peak biting time (time of day and season). 

If you followed my packing advice and did your research, then going on all these adventures will be a breeze! However, it is always important to prepare yourself. Here’s what you should have on you at all times for pest control on the go:

  1. Health Card, Travel Insurance and Travel Documents
    1. If you have any allergies you should wear a medical alert bracelet, or have these allergies taped to your health card.
    2. If travelling alone, have a list of emergency contacts
  2. Staying in a hotel? INSPECT THE BED!
    1. Before getting all cozy and throwing your personal belongings on the bed, be sure to inspect the mattress and bed frame for any bed bugs or other insects. 
  3. Be sure to carry a mini First Aid Kit
  4. Don’t forget the Bug Repellent 
    1. Always read and follow the label and apply regularly
  5. If you are using Mosquito Netting
    1. Make sure they are tucked under mattresses before sleeping
    2. Ensure screens are intact (no tears or holes)
    3. Avoid touching the screen
    4. Protect infants and young children and cover cribs
  6. Carry Cortisone Cream
    1. Even being extra cautious you can still be bitten. Having Cortisone Cream or an “After Bite” ointment may help soothe any itching or swelling

When I Come Back

Considering a Trip This Summer? Watch Out for Bed Bugs!

The most disappointing part of my trip is packing to come home and boarding my return flight. It’s a bittersweet feeling and always the most daunting task. Here’s what I do to avoid bringing insects home with me:

  1. Insects will try to sneak into your luggage, clothing and other personal belongings. Inspect the luggage and items for insects before packing.

Did you know that: Ontario has certain laws on what you can bring back from other countries to avoid introduction of pests and diseases. That’s why they ask you to declare certain items like: natural wood articles, fruit, plants etc. Be sure to check the Canadian Travel Guide before packing that handmade wooden trinket! 

    1. Many people come home from vacation and unload their personal belongings on  their bed. Big No No. You may have been very diligent in packing but insects may still have made their way into your suitcase. Unpack your items in the garage or isolated area and launder all clothing before putting them away. EVEN clean clothes.
  2. Isolate Luggage
    1. Once you’ve unpacked, isolate luggage in a sealed plastic bag and store it away from living spaces. We recommend keeping them in a garage or storage space. This way if there are any insects hiding in your suitcase they aren’t lingering in your closet!

Did everything on the list and still managed to bring home some unwanted critters? DO NOT attempt to eliminate foreign pests on your own! Each pest has their own unique biology and if not treated properly can actually be more damaging. Always consult with a professional and secure as many samples as you can. Send us a picture to info@greenleafpestcontrol.com or call us today at (416) 998-9473.

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About the Author:

Amanda Pereira, the Operations Manager at GreenLeaf Pest Control, is always happy to help customers with their pest issues. She is a proud Golden Hawk graduating with an Honours BBA (Marketing) from Wilfrid Laurier University. In her spare time, she likes to walk and take pictures of nature.

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