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Tick are on the Move at GreenLeaf Headquarters

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Tick are on the Move at GreenLeaf Headquarters

Tick facts & Prevention | GreenLeaf Pest Control
Daniel and Luna our Goose dog were out on patrol today and to our surprise found a tick on Luna face and another one on her neck. To make matters worse when Daniel got back to the office a few hours later there was a tick crawling up his shirt. The ticks were definitely looking for a spot to hide and feed. Daniel immediately through all his clothes in our dryer for 30 minutes on maximum heat. Thank goodness he had a change of clothes so he didn’t need to spend the day in his underwear 😀
Tick removal tip | GreenLeaf Pest Control
Adult blacklegged ticks are active October-May, as long as the daytime temperature remains above freezing. Blacklegged ticks can be found looking for a host (questing) about knee-high on the tips of branches, long grasses and low growing shrubs. Adult females love to latch onto humans and pets (yeah – no kidding!). Once females fully engorge on their blood meal, they drop off the host into the leaf litter, where they can over-winter.
Engorged females lay a single egg mass (up to 1500-2000 eggs) in mid to late May and then die!

5 Simple Tick Prevention Tips

I found tick on me | GreenLeaf Pest Control

  • Make sure your pets are proactively treated with tick medicine.
  • Keep long grasses and buffer zones foliage short around your home and property.
  • Always inspect your body and your pets after walks in the outdoors. Honestly, bring a change of clothes just in case you find a tick on your clothing. You don’t want to drive home or to the office naked in fear you have more ticks on you.
  • Rake and remove leaf litter from around your yard. This is where females will drop their egg masses that hatch again in the spring.
  • If you’re a hunter or active outdoors you may want to consider permethrin clothing or using a repellent like Deet. Please consult Health Canada guidelines on effective repellent’s and risks.

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The Author - Daniel Mackie | GreenLeaf Pest ControlDaniel Mackie aka Mr. Know Bugs is the VP – Quality Assurance at Greenleaf Pest Control. With over 24 years in the pest protection industry, Mackie is a Toronto, Oakville, Barrie and Newmarket pest control expert. Daniel Mackie is well-known as an industry go-to guy, an innovator of safe, effective pest control solutions, and is a regular guest on HGTV.  In his free time, he is an avid gardener and beekeeper. According to Mackie: “We are Protectors of Public Health”

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