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Stepping From In-house to Field-Trip with GreenLeaf Pest Control Experts

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Stepping From In-house to Field-Trip with GreenLeaf Pest Control Experts!

Learn How Rodents Are Responsible for Damaging Goods And Food Contamination!

Rat Mice Facts Identification Tips | GreenLeaf Pest Control

Hello Readers, I am Nav and I work at GreenLeaf Pest Control in Toronto. Having pest issues can hinder our mental health. Of course, everyone likes the little creatures, they are helpful and contribute to saving nature. However, nobody loves when they have made their way into our homes or businesses. Nasty insects will be running everywhere from outside to inside your house, from the kitchen shelf to open food to sinks and toilets. Gross Right? What else can I say! Today I will be shedding light on rodents, especially mice and rats. Growing up, I always admired “Tom & Jerry” but I guess the only Jerry I still love is the cartoon character or the amazing film “Ratatouille”. Mice and Rat movies have shown how intelligent these creatures are!!

How Bad Is The Infestation 

Field Trip – Seeing dead rats, poop and the gross smell!

How to get rid of mice and rats | GreenLeaf Pest Control

I must highlight that mice and rats are really smart creatures! In the office – Ring! Ring! I have a rodent issue. Our representatives would be interacting, asking, and answering their questions to get the best treatment for what they are experiencing. Then, I decided to go on a field trip with our expert Bill and I must say he was really helpful and walked me through the property. 

Being a non-pest expert, as soon as I entered the field, I was able to sense the terrible smell. I wanted to get out. Really! Why? First, the smell was terrible, second, there was rodent poop everywhere. While walking, I had to watch every step I took. Third, dead rats, not just one or two 15 (fifteen), and the size of them … HUGE. I was amazed and shocked. Bill asked me, “Do you want to leave?” My immediate response to him was, Yes! Unfortunately, that was my inner voice, besides that, I had decided to stay. Hats off to all the field workers who deal with this every day. They give us peace of mind from unwanted guests. 

Rodent Infestation Key-points: The second trip wasn’t as bad!

The second visit, the smell was no longer there, we caught 4 rats, and didn’t see much poop. This is why it’s important to consult with a Pest Expert to implement proper elimination methods. Our Pest Professional Bill used his years of experience to implement a proper plan and it worked well within a week. He showed me tunnels, how bad the infestation was, and the difference between poop – how to determine if rodents are still on your property. Our team also made a “Rodent identificationPart 1 – The difference between rats and mice video on our social media channels, to help you determine if you have a mouse or rat issue and save you an inspection cost!

how bad is the rat mice infestation | GreenLeaf Pest Control

Facts, Identification About Rats/Mice

Rodents are responsible for damaging households, food contamination and spreading disease.

Common Hiding spots:
  • Rodents like dark. Shady areas.
  • Corner spot is the best hiding spot.
  • Electric socket
  • Any cracks or holes 
  • In winter, they look for warm shelter. 
  • They can hold breath in the water and manage to escape.
  • Make holes/tunnels as an emergency exit.
Damaging goods:

Rat mice chew on everything | GreenLeaf Pest Control

  • Rats and mice will almost chew/shred on everything like important paper, wood, wires, clothes, plastic etc
  • Rodents like to stay in warmer places like eclectic appliances which can cause short circuits, risk of fire etc. It is dangerous.
  • Mice will ruin and burrow into home furniture, insulation, and car seats as a good hiding spot. 
Food & Water:
  • Rodents are in search of food and water so they are likely to eat anything: stored food, pet food etc. 
  • They are good swimmers so if you think flushing them is the solution, think again!
  • They leave germs on food which is responsible for food poisoning and allergies.
  • As rodents can run anywhere and everywhere, even if rodent poop hasn’t been cleaned up, it can cause fever, chills, muscle aches, food poisoning or breathing problems. If you feel these symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately.

After, experiencing a field trip and shadowing our pest control expert Bill, made me realize that living with rats or having them in your house/business will not only cause damage but can also make us sick.

For rats and mice removal, to protect your property/business, we should always seek experts’ help like GreenLeaf Pest Control. They know better and treat pests to the best of their experience and behavior. This will save time and money as well as give you peace of mind.  

Best Pest Control Services in Toronto | GreenLeaf Pest Control

Part 2 Simple rats and mice trapping tips with Mr.knowbugs. Just click here!

You’re in good hands – Protecting your home and business is what GreenLeaf does! 

Stay tuned for the next pest facts, identification, tips, DIY updates….

About the Author:

Navjot Kaur, the Digital Marketing Specialist and Web-Developer at GreenLeaf Pest Control. Happily graduated from Lambton College in Mobile app design & development. She is new to the pest control world. In her free time, she is an avid gardener, reader, likes to explore and definitely has some great dance moves.

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