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Student Housing and Pest Control: Why Dorms Need Specialist Care

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young male student with coffee in hand, reading a paper in a dorm Students come in all different types. Some people are bookworms who lock themselves up in the stacks, while others gravitate more to beer and pizza! Either way, it’s a busy time in a young adult’s life characterized by a balance between good grades, a job on the side, and hopefully some fun.

Student housing tends to be dense, with hallways filled with one- or two-bedroom dorms. Plus, not every student is diligent about hygiene, which can be a major attractor for a range of pests.

As Christmas rolls around, please keep reading to learn about the risks posed by pests in modern-day student living and why student dorms need the care of pest control specialists.

No Ants, Please

First, we’ll begin with the least icky types of bugs you can have in an indoor space. University and college students are not exactly renowned for their cleanliness, and sometimes greasy meals that don’t get cleaned up properly can attract ants and other pests.

Pharaoh ants tend to gather in commercial spaces where food is plentiful, such as hotels, grocery stores and hospitals. They like warm, humid areas where food and water are in abundance. Student dorms tend to have the same conditions, and nobody cramming for exams wants to search for voids in the wall or behind the baseboards to find an ant nest.

Ants can’t survive the harsh outdoor winter conditions, so they’ll be looking for a warm place to spend Christmas. For comprehensive Pharaoh Ants control that gives you peace of mind, call GreenLeaf Pest Control today.

Ants may not seem harmful, but they have been known to spread diseases and illnesses. You may have a yearning for some company after spending so long hitting the books, but this isn’t the type you need. Spend your time this holiday season with friends and family instead of having pests infest your dorm room — call us for ant control in Toronto to fix the problem thoroughly and quickly.

Bed Bugs

This notorious pest is more than a nuisance. Finding a bed bug in your home can turn a person’s life upside down, as this tiny critter but huge problem causes people to buy a new wardrobe and bedding. You don’t want to sleep on a sheet that once had bed bugs because they’re very tiny, and you might think they’re gone, but they’re not, and they can bite you.

young woman looking at laptop on a desk, frustrated, seen from the side

Similarly, wearing clothes that may contain a bed bug is a terrible feeling. You don’t want to walk around, unsure if they’ll bite. Plus, walking around in clothes containing a bed bug will only spread them further, and that’s not a very neighbourly thing to do.

Bed bugs bite humans while they sleep — you can’t focus on your studies properly while there’s a bed bug infestation in your midst. For pest control for bed bugs in Toronto and the GTA, call GreenLeaf Pest Control.

You shouldn’t have to be scared of these little biters and all the health and financial drain they cause when concentrating on literature, economics, history, or whatever else you’re studying. We’ll extirpate the very last bed bug, so you can move on confident in the knowledge your living quarters and your clothing are perfectly clean.

You and your neighbours in the dorm will be grateful. You may not be very close friends with all the people who happen to live in your dorm, but if you happen to be studying Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Social Contract, you must understand that calling professional exterminators to eliminate pests like bed bugs is the smallest of things you owe your community.


This infamous critter is synonymous with filth and grossness in most people’s minds. You may keep the most immaculate dorm room, but you can’t control what your neighbours do. Dorms are a target. Even if they aren’t leaving behind takeout containers or failing to clean their hotpot daily, cockroaches are drawn to warm indoor spaces during winter containing water and food sources.

Cockroaches are also very resilient and difficult to kill. Stores you buy from the corner store may take out a handful, but leaving even one survivor means there’ll be plenty more close behind. They’re famously resilient and difficult to eliminate. You might be able to stomp on a cockroach if your foot lands on them before they scatter away, but uprooting the infestation is another story.

Our specialists who do cockroach pest control use their own chemical mix, which isn’t available at your hardware store. The spray is magnitudes stronger, but it’s also filled with ingredients approved by Health Canada, so you can be confident it’s safe for pets and the environment.

You may find cockroaches near a water source, such as any tap in your dorm room. They’re also drawn to food crumbs, so be sure to clean up diligently after you’re done eating.

Students may understandably want to just spray the infested area and get back to their studies or their part-time job. They’re busy and have many important things to do! However, the longer the infestation goes untreated professionally, the larger the problem becomes. Commercial solutions will leave behind a pile of cockroach corpses, but they won’t get all of them, and that’s the only goal.

It’s not like the cockroaches limit themselves to occupying one room. If your neighbour doesn’t call professionals for a roach treatment, you may find them soon in your room. Similarly, if you see a cockroach, call GreenLeaf Pest Control right away.

It doesn’t matter what subject you’re studying — every student needs a clean place to live that promotes good health. A pest infestation in their dorm can really undermine this and make it impossible for young people to juggle all their responsibilities. For pest control in Toronto that keeps students and their homes safe this Christmas, call Greenleaf Pest Control today.

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