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Pet-Friendly Ant Control 101: Tips to Protect You & Your Pets from Ants

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Stately house white lawn There’s no time like springtime to signal that the moment has come to clean the home and freshen up where you live. Throwing out old junk and de-cluttering is one aspect. Wiping down the floors and surfaces is another.

Ensuring your home is pest- and ant-free when the seasons change is a vital way to know that there are no unwanted, uninvited guests. It also shows that your home is clean and promotes good health.

Let’s check out what the best residential pest control services in Toronto have to say about protecting you and your pets from ants.

Eliminate Attractants

The most straightforward way to rid your home of ants involves keeping away what attracts them to your home. Most ants require a water source, as they’re drawn to moisture outdoors.

Homeowners should be on the lookout for excess moisture and soft, rotting wood around the home. Carpenter ants tend to chew on wood, but they don’t actually eat it. To help keep them away, don’t leave open food on the floors or counters, as they’re drawn to protein, sweet foods, and even pet food.

Keeping the kitchen tidy isn’t enough to guarantee ants won’t come, but it can only help. If you’re storing firewood outside the home, check if ants have chewed the wood.

Safe But Strong Chemicals

You want chemicals that are strong enough to get the job done when eradicating ants from your home. However, your home is your castle, and you, your family and your pets need to live there afterwards.

Greenleaf Pest Control always uses chemicals that thoroughly eliminate whatever ants have been squatting in your home without presenting any risk to your family and any four-legged friends. We always use Health Canada-approved materials that are safe for any pets.

As a local, environmentally conscious business, we take finding the right balance seriously, so your home is clean and safe.

Expert Knowledge and Execution

For most people, all they know is that they don’t want “pests” in their homes. From a professional standpoint, pest control for carpenter ants is different than pest control for a different type of ant.

In other words, we use our in-depth knowledge about the specific species in your home to keep them out for good. It’s not enough to eliminate “pests” or “ants”; we always know who we’re dealing with exactly.

We eradicate carpenter, pharaoh, and pavement ants differently depending on the type of ants involved in the infestation. If you have bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, ticks, or any other kind of pest, we’ll also leverage our expert knowledge about what attracts and kills them to find the heart of the infestation and uproot it.

Extermination and extirpation are our specialties, and we get it done by knowing everything about the enemy and executing it to a tee. It doesn’t matter what kind of ants are in your home: we’re familiar with them all. Indeed, we’ve exterminated every type of ant over the years.

Home Protection Plan

Do you want to pre-emptively ensure that your home has no unwelcome guests? Only the best pest control companies in Toronto offer custom home protection plans that prevent an infestation from ever occurring. Here’s how ours works.

GreenLeaf Pest Control has a proactive, year-round program that keeps all pests at bay. Our best-in-class technicians will visit the site and do an intensive initial service for any existing pests and inspect current conditions.

Next, there’ll be a follow-up exterior inspection and preventative treatment during specified months. This should eliminate all pests, but we offer special services at no cost should any be found afterwards. We also set up exterior traps to combat any current population.

From spiders, cockroaches, carpenter ants, pavements ants, mice, and crawling and stinging insects, GreenLeaf Pest Control handles it all.

Friendly Service

GreenLeaf Pest Control is a local business that prides itself on delivering friendly service to our customers. We know what it means to be welcomed into someone’s home, and beyond professionality, we always behave with courtesy and warmth.

We believe in partnership and delivering peace of mind. People tend to associate pest control with icky creatures, and fair enough! We’re here to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work for you with friendly service and a smile, so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Ants Can Make You Sick

You know spring cleaning is serious when it makes your home clean and your body healthy. Pests like ants or ticks aren’t only gross; they present health risks for you, your family, and pets.

We can help protect your pets from ticks by thoroughly vanquishing them from your home. There won’t be any sign they were ever there.

Ants crawling along a branch orange ones

If you see ticks on your pet’s head, neck, ears, or paws, it’s a sign you have tiny uninvited guests. Call GreenLeaf Pest Control to eliminate them thoroughly and safely today. Unfortunately, ants aren’t the only pet pest you need to keep an eye out for.

Toronto and the GTA Region

For a local business, we get around a lot. Whether you live in the downtown core or the surrounding GTA region, Greenleaf Pest Control is here to make your home clean and pest-free. We service Toronto, Aurora, Brampton, Bradford, Orillia, Oshawa, Shelburne, Innisfil, Waterloo, and more.

If you live in Southern Ontario and are experiencing an ant infestation or want to prevent one from occurring, contact GreenLeaf Pest Control.

Spring is a lovely time when people are eager to open their windows and bask in the fresh air and sunshine. This season can be diminished by the presence of pests like ants in your home, who also thrive when their winter slumber is finally over.

Keep the above tips about protection and ant extermination in mind to keep ants outside your home, where they belong. Don’t hesitate to call GreenLeaf Pest Control if you need more support.


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