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How To Keep Your Business Pest-Free During COVID-19

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Pest control in Toronto has always been an important consideration when running your business, however with COVID-19 forcing many businesses into reducing their hours, sending employees to work remotely and in some cases even closing their doors, our buildings have never been so vacant and our streets never so empty. With decreased human traffic there are numerous reports of increased animal and insect activity in places that were not previously a concern. It is important to minimize your risks and take action against pests in order to protect your profits and maintain the image of your business. GreenLeaf has put together some informative commercial pest control tips for prevention and treatment of pests!


Seeking help from pest control professionals may seem unnecessary if you haven’t noticed pest activity in your business, however many pests can go undetected until it’s too late. Having regular inspections and implementing prevention methods can end up saving you from the cost of dealing with an infestation and the damage that is likely to occur to your property. Here are some pest prevention tips for your business:

  • Cleanliness – Overall cleanliness of the property is detrimental to preventing pests from entering. It is important to declutter, organize and regularly inspect all areas of your business including storage closets, cupboards, etc. Frequent vacuuming for crumbs, dish washing and daily wipe down of surfaces that come into contact with food are crucial as the smallest crumbs can attract the most damaging of pests.


  • Food Storage Solutions – The decrease in public foot traffic has led to a reduction in typical food sources for pests such as public garbage, private dumpsters, etc. Whether your business is food-related or not, it is important to properly store any type of food or attractant in airtight containers. Have employees keep food restricted to areas such as break rooms if possible, as even small amounts of food are a large draw to pests of all shapes and sizes if it is accessible.


  • Garbage Solutions – It is valuable to minimize the garbage receptacles around the business in order to ensure proper maintenance is being done on them. It is important to keep the area clean of any spills or crumbs. Regular changes and proper disposal is key to limiting attractants. If possible, contain your garbage in bins that are sealed and non-accessible to pests.


  • Cracks, Gaps and Sealants – Inspect both the exterior and interior of your business for any type of damages like cracks, gaps, missing or broken seals/screens/windows and any other areas in which pests could be entering the premises. Keep in mind that mice can squeeze into holes that are comparable to the width of a pencil and other pests like ants are even smaller. It is crucial to be detail oriented when looking for these opportunities.


  • Repellents – There are a wide variety of pest repellents available to consumers. Be sure to read labels and instructions prior to choosing one that will best suit your needs. In order to be confident about proper usage of repellents you can count on GreenLeaf Pest Control to pick and apply the best pest repellents and other preventative measures for your business.

Types of Pests Be On The Lookout For

If prevention was not done extensively or a pest managed to fight their way through there are important things to be on the lookout for. There are many different types of pests that can have a devastating effect on your business and its image. The likelihood of certain pests increases depending on the time of year. Here is a list of a few of the most common pests that you should keep an eye out for and time of year they are most active:

  • Rats & Mice – During the fall and winter months mice and rats are looking to get out of the cold and nest somewhere warm like your business. They are known for causing extensive damage by chewing their way through anything including insulation, wood, and wiring. They also pose a huge threat to human health as they are known to carry disease and contaminate areas they have been. Be on the lookout for droppings as it’s often an indicator of a well-travelled path, at first detection you should take immediate action against rodents as they have a quick breeding cycle and can multiply rapidly.


  • Ants & Termites – Termites and ants often target similar areas and are difficult to visually discern from each other. Both insects live in colonies and can cause irreparable damage to building structures if left untreated (certain ants). Ant colonies can reach up to hundreds of thousands and termite colonies can reach over a million if not managed so it is important to keep an eye out for indicators and act quickly if you suspect activity from these insects. Different species are more active at different times of year, so it is important to keep an eye out during all seasons for possible infestations.


  • CockroachesCockroaches are known for contaminating areas and carrying harmful diseases with them everywhere they go. They are very adaptable insects and can even live without food and water for weeks at a time. They can lay up to 200 eggs in a year which are protected by an egg sac until birth, even if you manage to rid the adults with insecticide or other methods the young can often still be born after the fact and repopulate the area. Different cockroaches leave different types of droppings, so it is important to keep an eye out and contact pest control immediately if activity is spotted.


  • Flies – Flies are known for hanging around some pretty rotten substances which is why you do not want them inside your house contaminating surfaces like cooking areas and exposed food. Fly problems can quickly become out of control in the spring and summer months due to a single pair being able to produce over a million babies in just a number of weeks. If you see flies in your home it is likely there are many more hiding throughout the house, it is important to deal with these problems quickly before they have a chance to reproduce to their full potential.

Get Quality Pest Control by Contacting GreenLeaf Pest Control Today

Here at GreenLeaf Pest Control we understand how important your business is to you. We take a personalized approach to every establishment we treat in order to ensure your business image and assets are protected. If you are looking for pest control solutions in Toronto and Southern Ontario consider using GreenLeaf, get your free pest control quote today!

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