How Do Pests React To Rain?

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Nice weather is something that we look forward to, but so do many different pests. Ants are working as a part of their colonies, bees are building hives, and mosquitoes are waiting to bite the person that least expects it. However, how do these pests fare in the rain?

Like with human beings, the rain can play a large role on pests that live in their natural habitats. There are many types of insects that live underground, for example, that will get flooded out in the event of heavy rainfall. These pests would need to escape and find new shelter on higher ground. The ant is known for building a system of tunnels, but once heavy rain comes along, that ground gets soaked, and the ants become in jeopardy. Their tunnels either get waterlogged or the rain causes the ground above them to collapse with all the weight and moisture.

Usually, ants will search for drier areas, preferably ones with lots of food inside, such as your home. Not only ants are attracted to warm dry abodes, but so are mice and even moles. These animals all come to a person’s home solely to go where it is warm and dry.

Pests such as the earwig and springtail happen to love dark, damp areas. They can also happen to seek shelter inside or near your home when it becomes too wet. While they love watery environments, too much water is considered a bad thing.

There are some pests that absolutely love the rain and thrive in rainy environments. It sometimes almost guarantees the breeding in certain pests. Mosquitos, on one hand, breed when it is wet outside. These insects need standing water in order to lay eggs, but it does not require much at all to meet this specific need. After rainfall, any sort of puddle will work. Other spots for laying eggs include clogged gutters, flower pots, and bird baths.

Fleas and ticks also thrive in rainy environments. They breed a lot faster in warm and humid places. Under the right conditions, their populations can drastically spike, making them unexpected surprises when homeowners and their pets go outside.

Rain can be a bad things to come for homeowners that do not want pests around their home. It does not take much for insects and mice to find a place to live without pest control Markham. From the smallest of cracks and holes to an opening in our insulation make for makeshift entry ways for all forms of life looking for a place that is warmer and drier than it is outside. Once inside, these pests set up a nest and mark their territory, where they do not have to travel far to find food. On top of that, there are many places inside your home where they can hide and attempt to live in peace.

This is why it is very important to protect your food so that no pests can have access to it. Be sure to seal up any bagged snacks like potato chips, keep lips on drinks, and do not leave out any plates with food scraps on them. These foods attract bugs more frequently as a result.

To be sure that your home isn’t a breeding ground for these unwanted pests, be sure to hire pest control in Markham to get rid of your pest problems and make your home pest proof of any other bugs and/or rodents in the future. It is also necessary to spray bug repellant from time to time so that no mosquitoes get inside your bird bath or flowers.

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, How Do Pests React To Rain?
, How Do Pests React To Rain?