DIY Solutions for your Pest Control in Brampton

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Natural pest control solutions offer an affordable way to keep pests like rats, cockroaches, crickets, mosquitoes, slugs, and snails from your property. They also are safe for your family, garden, and the entire home environment.

There are many reasons why you spray your home and garden, especially in fall; homesteads are invaded by scurrying, crawling and flying pests – most of which carry allergens, germs, and even diseases – are in search of warm places to cover them in colder months.

The smartest way to go about pest control in Brampton is to roll up the welcome mat before the creatures sneak in. Cleaning cluttered floors, caulking foundation crevices and cracks, covering dustbins and keeping food tightly sealed works well. However, if the critters happen to creep in, then go for these options.


These bloodsuckers aren’t just a nuisance to your pets; they can make you itch as well. Fortunately, with some homemade remedies, you can quickly eliminate flea from your home. The first strategy is to create a trap with warm soapy water. Place bowls of the solution in rooms with flea activity. This acts as the glue that traps the insects. Repeat the process daily until the fleas are gone.

You can also clean all pet bedding and loose rugs in hot water to eliminate fleas and their eggs. Vacuum frequently and throw the dirt outside. Bathe your pets with shampoo and groom with flea comb until there are no more fleas in your home. Other remedies include herbal flea spray, baking soda, lemon spray, salt, and rosemary. If all else fails, then you better call up the professionals who specialize in pest eradication in your areas.

Cockroaches and ants

Ants are creepy crawlers; they bring allergens and bacteria that can lead to or elevate asthma. To clear them the natural way, fill a spray bottle with soapy water and fire away. This stops the entire colony in its tracks as it cleans any chemical signals that the ants leave behind. For cockroaches, buy sticky traps or design your own by putting a banana piece into a jar that’s lined with petroleum jelly on the inside rim. Then position the containers around where pipes go into homes and under sinks. Since roaches prefer taste and smell, they’ll crawl in, but won’t get out because of the slippery lip.


To insect-proof, your home from mosquitoes, eliminate any stagnant water from your compound – including in toys, containers in the garbage. Kiddie pools, ponds, and yards that aren’t adequately drained can attract mosquitoes too. You can also plant natural repellents around your compound. For the hard to reach areas like the gutters which are prime breeding spots, you can have a pro execute the inspection.


Rats leave unsanitary dropping throughout your home and can spread, although rare, diseases like the infectious lung disease hantavirus. To exterminate them, experts recommend setting a dozen traps under cabinets and along walls. Use peanut butter or uncooked oats to lure them in.

If you’re having problems eliminating these pests and others like moths, garden weeds, lice, crabgrass, bees and more the natural way, then you can call up for professional backup for you pest control in Brampton needs.

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, DIY Solutions for your Pest Control in Brampton, DIY Solutions for your Pest Control in Brampton