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What to Expect with a Bedbug Removal Service

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What to Expect with a Bedbug Removal Service

Bedbugs are one of the most annoying and resilient pests alive. These small insects live inside our furniture and clothes and will feed off our blood during the night while we are sleeping. At first, you might not notice bed bugs as it is hard to see them at night. Over time however, you might feel unwell or notice bite marks on your skin. While bed bugs can be removed, they can also be very hardy against common treatments, meaning the process of their extermination should be handled via an effective strategic approach.

Bed bugs can be found across Southern Ontario, including in cities like Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. They thrive in busy places like hotels, hostels, or apartment buildings as they have a lot of overnight guests or have multiple residents living in the same building. While being more common in urban spots, bed bugs do still appear in the suburbs and smaller cities like Guelph, Barrie, and Oakville.

No matter where you are in Southern Ontario, it is always wise to call professional help when dealing with a bed bug infestation, as home remedies are unlikely to offer the same effective results as established solutions. Dealing with bedbugs can be stressful if not handled correctly, and their reappearance is likely to occur if not treated with the necessary expertise required for successful extermination. Individuals who have contacted a bedbug removal agency can expect a number of stages to take place during the termination process, and the three major elements involved in these criteria include:

1. A Thorough Property Inspection

The first and most essential step in removing bed bugs from your home or business is to identify if and where they are present. Bed bugs do not just live in beds. In fact, they can be found in multiple areas across your home, including suitcases, couches, chairs, and clothing. Therefore, it is important that the pest control company can understand more about your property to identify hotspots for bed bug activity.

Clients suffering from bedbugs in Barrie, for example, can contact a professional pest removal service with their relevant details, including the address and situation involved. Once this has been established, the company will first send their exterminators to assess the case and determine the extent of damage, so as to come up with an effective solution to the problem. Alternatives will then be offered to the client, and the chosen option will be implemented in the area involved. Consulting a pest control company or bed bug removal specialist is always recommended rather than trying to solve the problem alone. Household treatments like chemical sprays are not recommended and are even deemed unsafe for children.

Update: During COVID-19, you should not have to worry about pest control coming to your home. Staff are well-trained in following hygiene and public safety practices. While allowing people on your property might seem daunting, letting a pest problem continue could cause you and your family members to fall ill and require medical or hospital treatment. Bed bugs for example, can sometimes cause allergic reactions which may be severe in some vulnerable individuals. Discover how Greenleaf will protect you as our client here.

2. Implementation of a Bedbug Control Solution

Once a client has secured a treatment method, they will be required to properly prepare the space by laundering all clothing items, emptying closets and drawers and making enough room to allow the professional exterminators enough room to maneuver while dealing with the bedbugs. Once treatment begins, occupants of the residence will be asked to vacate the location for a few hours to allow for a more direct approach.

Occupants can also assist the endeavour by carefully cleaning and vacuuming fabrics in their household, before storing it in a safe location cut off from the infestation, such as a plastic zipper bag. Bed bugs are fond of these fabric items because they can easily move across them. Plastic, on the other hand, is practically impossible for bed bugs to travel through and acts a sealant. Be sure to check that there are no holes or tears in zipper bags or plastic wraps. Moving the furniture from the rooms involved might also be required to enhance the access available to pest professionals, ensuring that no hidden nests are missed during the process.

3. Monitoring for Results

Once the extermination process has been completed, the final stage involves monitoring the results of the treatment to determine the success of the activity. A two week follow up should be included to ensure no bedbugs were missed. Clients who have received the treatment can help by keeping an eye on their belongings for the next couple of weeks to ensure that the pests have been completely removed and should contact their provider upon the first sign of any reappearance.

Clients must not forget to ensure that the source of bedbugs has been established and removed from the premises, and the area is avoided during future endeavours to prevent a reoccurring problem regarding this plight.

Bed Bug Control in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario

If you are in need of a bedbug removal service for your home or business in Toronto or Southern Ontario, contact Greenleaf Pest Control. Our team uses environmentally responsible treatments that give you the long-lasting results you and your family deserve. Get rid of your bed bugs – call us today!

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