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Understanding Bees & How to Eliminate Them

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Human beings and bees have a very long and complicated relationship. Humans often dislike bees because they consider them a pest. In all reality, human beings couldn’t exist without the help of bees. Bees are the reason that we have the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that we do. They are excellent pollinators, and are primarily responsible for keeping many different plant species alive.


In short, without bees and we wouldn’t be able to eat properly. The problem is, bees sting. Human beings have learned to have a natural and healthy fear of bee populations. Unfortunately, this has also led them to be fearful enough to kill off large populations of bees. This is incredibly detrimental to the health of the environment, and it’s important that we learn of better ways to remove them. These are only pests when they heavily invade populated areas. Any passionate gardener will tell you that seeing a bee amongst their flowers is a good thing.


, Understanding Bees & How to Eliminate Them


The problem occurs when bees make their homes in people’s attics and in areas that people frequently encounter. Disturbing an entire swarm of bees can result in multiple bee stings. This can cause serious health issues, especially when people are having an allergic reaction. Being allergic to bees can be deadly. Multiple stings can result in complete anaphylactic shock the leads to a closure in the throat and suffocation. This makes it imperative to remove these bee populations and to put them in places where they can safely do their jobs far away from humans.


Bees live in a primary hive. They have a queen that controls the actions of the other occupants. These hives are designed around efficiency and purpose. Each bee has something that it’s supposed to be doing to keep the hive functioning. Disturbing a hive can be a bad idea. Therefore, it’s important to call Toronto bee removal professionals that specialize in pest control in Toronto. It’s also good idea to know exactly what species bee you’re dealing with. These are just a few of the most common bees:




Honeybees are by far the most popular bees in the world. These are the species that are responsible for creating honey and beeswax. This insight has done more for mankind than any other species of anything. Therefore, it’s important not to just indiscriminately kill off entire colonies. A full-sized colony of honeybees can contain up to 60,000 individuals at a time. The Queen is constantly laying more eggs, and the colony can grow very quickly. These are the bees that we see flying from flower to flower and collecting pollen that they take back to their hive to make honey. As they travel from flower to flower, they are constantly pollinating everything they land on.




These are the large fuzzy bees that many people confuse with carpenter bees or other species. While they don’t produce honey, bumblebees do have the patented yellow and black stripes. They will make their homes close to the ground, and sometimes behind siding near the bottoms of your homes. Only the females have stingers, and they rarely use them. This is not a species that you need to feel particularly threatened by unless you have a very severe allergy.


Carpenter Bees


These are the large black buzzing bees that tend to hang out around the eaves of homes made of wood. They can burrow into dead wood and other hard surfaces in order to make a nest. They don’t necessarily live in large groups, and should only be removed if they start to become a nuisance or do damage to your property.

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