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9 Simple Winter Pest Prevention Tips

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9 Simple Winter Pest Prevention Tips

Practical ways to keep your home rodent- and pest-free this winter

Last winter was not too bad, but this year is expected to ring in more typical winter temperatures. Cold temperatures mean that rats, mice and other rodents will seek shelter your home. In fact, mice, rats, and squirrels are expected to invade homes in droves this winter, searching for a warm place to spend the frosty season.  That’s why you should practice ethical pest prevention now to avoid issues later.


Pest Prevention, Because Rats Cause Damage

Once inside a structure, mice and rats can be much more than just a nuisance. Bacteria-laden and armed with continuously growing teeth that are remarkably efficient on gnawing on just about any material, rodents can spread a large number of diseases to both humans and pets, compromise the structure of a building, and even start fires by chewing through wires.

In addition to the damage they cause, rats also carry nasty diseases, such as Hantavirus and Salmonella that can cause harm to your family.

If you have not done so yet, now is the time to practice safe rodent pest control to avoid illness and property damage caused by rats.


9 Pest Prevention Tips for Rats

These inexpensive pest prevention tips don’t only work for rats and other rodents, but will also keep other pests at bay.


  1.  Store both your food and other items in sealed, plastic containers, rather than in cardboard boxes.
  2.  Dispose of garbage regularly.
  3.  Install screens over any vents and openings.
  4.  Seal holes, gaps, or cracks in and around your home, particularly in places where pipes and cables enter the home and inspect the wires for gnaw marks.
  5.  Replace any loose weather stripping or mortar around the windows or basement foundation.
  6.  Channel water away from the home by installing diverts or gutters.
  7.  Store your firewood at least five feet off the ground, and further than 20 feet from your home or any structure.
  8.  Trim any shrubs, bushes or grass in which rodents may seek shelter from humans or predators. Likewise, keep any overhanging trees or branches away from the house so that it can’t be used as bridges to enter into your home.
  9.  Clean up spills, dishes and any messes immediately after meals, and store pet food and water bowls overnight, or store in a well-lit, open area.


We can’t stop the snow, but we can take the above pest prevention steps to try keep rodents from moving into your home this winter. Need help? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with GreenLeaf Pest Control. We will perform a thorough inspection to help you prevent rat infestations. Left it too late? We offer humane pest control services, too.



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