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Bee Removal Should Be Handled by Experts

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If you have bees on your Markham property, under the eaves of your roof, or in your attic, it is important not to agitate them, especially if you know that you are allergic to bee stings. Depending upon the extent of an individual’s allergy, a bee sting can not only be painful, but can cause a whole range of reactions from minor inflammation to anaphylactic shock to death, in a short period of time.

Dozens of people actually die from bee stings every year, so while you need not be terrified, you should exercise caution and not throw rocks at the hive, hit it with a broom, spray it with chemicals or water, or other attempts to make the bees go away. Leave the bees, and the hive, alone until bee removal experts in Markham can come and cleanly take them off your property.

Bee removal in Markham is fairly straightforward. Expert beekeepers or bee removal technicians from GreenLeaf Pest Control in Markham will know how to approach the hive in proper, bee-proof clothing and how to extract the queen into a perforated box that allows other bees to enter.

Once the queen is in the box, the others will follow suit, and the exterminator will return in the cool hours of night to take the box away. If other problems arise, other procedures may be used, but the foregoing is certainly the simplest. If you have a need for bee removal in Markham, your best bet is to call a service such as GreenLeaf Pest Control to take care of it quickly and efficiently.

Bee Removal Markham – GreenLeaf Pest Control specializes in environmentally friendly pest control, including bee removal in Markham, by focusing on changing and educating the way people perceive pest control today. Our mission is to provide an effective, proactive program that is preventive in approach and uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and our very own Environmental Pest Management (EPM) solutions. To learn more about GreenLeaf Pest Control, call 416.998.9473, email info@greenleafpestcontrol.com, or visit https://www.greenleafpestcontrol.com

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