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Fact of Fiction? 5 DIY Pest Control Myths
Posted By: Daniel Mackie
Category: DIY | Home | Pest Control

5 DIY Pest Control Myths


DIY pest control methods have probably been around as long as pests themselves. Thousands of years ago, Egyptians used to smear the fat of a cat on grain sacks to protect against rodents or spread loose ash around a grinding mill to eradicate flour eating insects. Ancient Greek farmers also practiced several folk remedies to eradicate pests around their crops. Hanging a mare’s skull in the garden would discourage caterpillar infestations, while a concoction made from the juices of hemlock, lupin, and squill could kill larvae, insects, and even small animals.


While some man-made pest control methods have proven their effectiveness time and again, there are also plenty of old wives’ tales being perpetuated by homeowners’ eagerness to escape pesky critters. Since telling fact from fiction can be challenging when battling home invasions, we thought we’d explore some of the most prevalent myths when it comes to DIY pest control.

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