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Canadian Goose Control

Majestic Canadian Geese Can Cause Serious Problems for Toronto Homeowners and Business Owners


Toronto Canada Goose ControlAh, the haunting cry of the Canadian goose that flies south for the winter – it’s a subject fit for poets. Unfortunately, while the birds are indeed magnificent, they also cause critical problems for Toronto-area homeowners and business owners. Only a few years ago, the Canadian goose population had severely declined, but efforts to bring the population back have now resulted in huge flocks of the birds. Because these flocks are so large, when they gather at a home or business, they can often destroy landscaping, strip lawns bare, and ruin crops. For most people, their main problem with the birds is the excessive amounts of excrement; Canadian geese each produce up to a pound of excrement per day, which can ruin the look of buildings; render decks, porches, and golf courses unusable; clog pools and ponds; and create a public health hazard. In addition, Canadian geese can be aggressive and have been known to attack people when they felt threatened, often biting and using their wings to attack.


GreenLeaf Provides Humane Canadian Goose Control in Toronto, Barrie, Vaughn, Markham, Richmond Hill, and the Surrounding Areas


All too often, people try to control the goose population by killing large flocks of the birds. GreenLeaf Pest Control is committed to humane animal treatment and respect for the environment. Rather than killing the birds, we safely remove them to another location and take steps to ensure they will not return to your Toronto home or business. There are a number of safe methods of Canadian goose control that do not rely on toxic chemicals. Canadian geese are a migratory species, and are therefore protected by the Canadian Migratory Species Act. Any goose control must be performed with a permit issued by Migratory Bird Regulations.


  • Exclusion Methods – We erect physical barriers such as fences, grids, and rows of bushes to keep the geese out of your property.
  • Scaring Methods – We use non-lethal methods to frighten the birds. These methods may include lasers, Mylar tape, flags, balloons, decoy dogs, coyotes, and dead geese, goose distress calls, and more.
  • Limiting Goose Population – We use egg management and sterilization techniques.
  • Habitat Modification – We change the habitat to discourage Canadian geese from returning. We may change the type of grass to something geese do not like, reduce the amount of grass, plant trees or bushes between grassy areas and water sources, make pond and creek banks steeper, and remove nests.


By using these methods, we keep Canadian geese safe while preventing your Toronto-area home or business from being destroyed by the birds.


For Quick, Humane, and Effective Control of Canadian Geese, Call GreenLeaf Pest Control


Whatever your pest control problem, whether you are dealing with Canadian geese, raccoons, squirrels, ants, wasps, bees, or anything else, GreenLeaf Pest Control has the experience necessary to safely remove the creatures from your home or business. We are a recognized industry leader due to our use of effective, environmentally friendly pest control methods in Toronto, Barrie, Vaughn, Mississauga, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Oakville, and the surrounding area. Call us at 416.998.9473 in Toronto or 519.489­.7090 in Western Ontario, and get your goose problem under control.