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The Cheaper Way to Fight Bed Bugs

Posted By: Daniel Mackie
Category: Bed Bug

There’s an incredibly pervasive myth about bed bug infestations that often leaves Toronto residents stricken with stress and grief. Countless people with bed bug problems are told each day that the only way to fight an infestation is to cut your losses and buy new furniture. But this is not necessarily true, and the prevalence of this misconception has led many people to waste significant money replacing mattresses that didn’t need to be replaced. The truth is that while simply getting new furniture might seem like an attractive and failsafe option, it’s unnecessarily expensive, and there are other options that will get rid of bed bugs just as well—actually, better.


The most obvious solution is to pay an exterminator. Part of the reason that the aforementioned myth is so widespread is because people believe they’re saving money by tossing out old furniture as opposed to hiring a Toronto pest control professional. However, the truth is that there are reputable exterminators in Toronto who offer reasonable prices and professional results. Many of them provide inspections to ensure that bed bugs are, indeed, the problem you’re facing, to ensure that your pest control efforts and money are not wasted fighting the wrong problem; compare this to the thousands it could potentially cost you to buy new furniture, and calling an exterminator sounds like a far better deal.


Many experts also recommend that you invest in a mattress encasement. These are plastic covers that can be placed over your mattress in order to trap bed bugs so that they’ll eventually die, though this isn’t necessarily the recommended solution. However, these encasements are a good preventive step to keep incoming bed bugs out.


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