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toronto: 416.998.9473

Servicing all of Southern Ontario

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Humane Wildlife Control

Humane Wildlife Removal in Toronto and Surrounding Cities from the Experts at GreenLeaf Pest Control


Toronto Wildlife Control

Though many furry critters look cute and playful when we see them in the wild, once they enter an urban environment, the cuteness quickly disappears. Unfortunately, wildlife can cause extensive damage to properties in suburban and urban environments in addition to introducing disease into homes and businesses with their droppings and parasites.


When you need unwanted wildlife removed from you home in a safe and humane fashion, contact the fully licensed experts at GreenLeaf Pest Control


Live Trapping and Removal If You Are Experiencing Wildlife Issues in Toronto


Infographic: GreenLeaf Pest Control Launches Humane Wildlife Control Division


Despite the fact that they are wild animals, squirrels, raccoons, and skunks are highly adaptive animals and have learned how to make themselves at home – in our homes. But, these animals can cause considerable property damage by chewing through walls and gnawing on electrical wires. In fact, in addition to the structural damage caused, such animals create a fire hazard as a result of the electrical damage that they cause. In addition, wildlife animals can contaminate your entire home with parasites and droppings that are left in attics and ducts and then spread throughout the home via the ventilation system. And, if all of that were not enough reason to call GreenLeaf Pest Control to safely remove such animals from your Toronto home or commercial building, many wild animals – regardless of how cute and friendly they may seem – can be aggressive and can also carry the rabies virus, making them a significant danger to humans and other domesticated animals. GreenLeaf Pest Control will safely remove such animals by luring them into live traps and then removing them from the premises.


Arrange for an Inspection with GreenLeaf Pest Control to Keep Unwanted Wildlife out of Your Home or Business


In addition to removing dangerous wild animals from your home, GreenLeaf Pest Control can also help ensure that such animals cannot gain re-entry. After conducting a thorough inspection of your Vaughan home or business, GreenLeaf Pest Control will seal any available entry points so that no other animals can get back in to cause problems in the future.


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