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Spider Control

Controlling Spiders Colonies In and Around Your Home, Cottage and Business – We’ve Got Your Back

spider controlMany people fear spiders, but their ominous reputation is often undeserved. Although most spiders are in fact venomous, less than a handful of the thousands of spider species found in Canada actually pose a threat to humans, as their fangs are too small and weak to even puncture human skin. And those that do bite, will only do so when they feel trapped or when protecting their young.


With more than 35,000 spider species in the world, those that are most commonly found in Canadian homes, include:

  • Common house spiders – You’ve seen these spiders in your home
  • Sac spiders – Green, grey or yellow, the sac spider is most often responsible for indoor spider bites.
  • Wolf spiders – These are often found at cottages near the water, and frequently mistaken for tarantulas due to their hairiness. Their leg span can be as wide as 7.62cm.
  • Cellar spider – The cellar spider has long, thin legs, and gets highly annoyed when its web is disturbed, shaking its body rapidly.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Spiders often enter homes during autumn, in search of a warm place to hide from the winter cold. You can prevent them from entering your home:

  • Lighting – Spiders are attracted to other insects on which they can feed, so use lighting in a way that insects find less attractive.
  • Dust and vacuum – Keep your home free from dust and noticeable webs by cleaning regularly.
  • Remove shelter – Spiders seek shelter in compost piles and firewood near homes. Move it away from your home.
  • Fill gaps – Spiders enter through gaps in the walls, around doors, windows and at utility entry sites.

How to Prevent Spider Bites

While most spiders won’t bite, avoiding it is preferable, as it causes unnecessary fear and inconvenience, so it is best avoided. Here’s how:

  • Always shake out clothing and footwear before getting dressed especially when on a dock or outside. Spiders may feel trapped and this will cause them to bite.
  • Always inspect towels and bedding before use.
  • Always wear gloves (inspect it first!) before handling rocks, lumber and firewood.
  • Remove as much clutter as possible and don’t store boxes under beds – spiders are attracted to dark places.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

When standard spider control remedies fail, causing small problems to spiral out of control. That’s when it becomes time to seek out the help of professional pest control services.

At Greenleaf Pest Control, we take pride in offering a fast, effective spider control service for both emergency spider concerns and ongoing pest maintenance to help prevent infestations in homes, cottages and businesses.

Get in touch with Greenleaf today for advice and to book your visit from one of our licensed, expert spider control technicians.



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