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Fly Control

They Walk, They Fly, They Hang Upside Down: How Do You Rid Yourself of the Common House Fly in Toronto?


Fly Control TorontoMost everyone in Toronto and Vaughan is bothered by flies at some time or another, and once they have descended into your space—whether it’s your home or your business—it’s terribly difficult to get rid of them.


You’ve probably tried fly strips, bug zappers, sprays, and even homespun remedies, such as a penny in a bag of water hanging over the doorway to get rid of this common household nuisance. If you have more than a few flies on a sporadic basis, none of these attempts have probably given you any long lasting relief.


Besides the annoyance factor, house flies also carry disease. Consider where flies are usually seen. If you see a dead animal, there will be flies feeding on it. If there is dog or other animal waste in the grass, flies will be there. If you pass by a dumpster with dirty diapers or spoiled food, well, you already know the answer. Consider that these flies are the very same flies that make their way through your windows and doors and land on your kitchen counter … or on your nose. Also bear in mind that the fly regurgitates and excretes its waste each time it lands and comes to rest, making wherever it lands a dumping ground for disease (up to 65 human diseases, at that). When you are bothered by house flies, your best move is to bypass the over-the-counter remedies and call professional exterminators in Toronto.


Facts About House Flies


  • House flies are gray with four dark stripes along the top of the body and are about ¼ inch in length
  • House flies cannot bite
  • House flies must regurgitate saliva onto food to liquefy it before eating
  • “Dirt” left on surfaces by house flies is actually the fly’s waste
  • House flies don’t travel far; once they hatch, they usually stay within 1-2 miles (though they can travel up to 20 miles)


The Lifecycle of a House Fly


  • Female house flies lay eggs (around 100 at a time) in garbage and rotting food and organic waste
  • Eggs hatch within a couple of days, producing maggots
  • Maggots feed on the material where they were hatched
  • When the maggots mature, they burrow into drier areas to pupate
  • Pupa is the brown, oval, shell-like object from which the maggot makes its final transformation to house fly
  • Adult house flies mate within 1-2 days after the pupal phase ends


While there is a myth that the life expectancy of the common house fly is roughly 24 hours, this is inaccurate. An adult house fly can live slightly longer than two weeks in hot conditions; colder temperatures may extend the life span up to three months.


Basic Control/Prevention


The best way to prevent house flies in Toronto is to ensure that you are not providing them with a ready food source: food on counters, open trash cans, or access to decaying organic matter, such as animal waste. Tight-fitting doors, windows, and screens are a big help in keeping flies from making entry, as well as ensuring that there aren’t any leaks or openings around pipes, vents, or electrical wells that can provide entrance for flies.


Once flies have descended, however, you will probably have a lingering problem on your hands without professional help. Though there are many ways to try to rid yourself of the common house fly, those methods aren’t usually as effective as we need them to be, and we end up calling a pest control professional before all is said and done.


To Learn More About Fly Control in Toronto for Your Home or Business, Call Greenleaf Pest Control


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