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Cockroach Control

A Cockroach Infestation Can Put Your Home and Family at Risk


Toronto Cockroach Control


In addition to the general feeling of repulsion most people experience in their presence, there are some very good reasons why German cockroaches are amongst the most loathed pests on the planet. Cockroaches are believed to carry and spread a range of disease-causing pathogens, including hepatitis virus, salmonella, coliform bacteria, Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., and are implicated in the spreading of food poisoning, dysentery, and typhoid. Because they breed rapidly and are very resilient, just about any property is at risk of infestation. Only a few cockroaches can turn into hundreds in a couple of weeks, leaving droppings and dried body parts where they can be ingested by children and pets.


Cockroaches Are Also a Serious Indoor Air Problem


Beyond the serious health risks, cockroaches are a repulsive pest to have on your property. Not only is the sight of a cockroach running around in your kitchen cupboard disturbing, but they also produce allergens that contaminate the air in your home, triggering asthma and allergies in those exposed to their ‘dust.’ Once they hitch a ride into your home, German roaches are extremely hard to eliminate by yourself, because residential products almost never provide long-term relief. Don’t expect your cockroach problem to take care of itself – if you really want to eliminate current infestations and prevent future ones, you need to act right now.


Keep Your Property Safe with Effective Cockroach Control


Cockroach Removal in TorontoTo successfully eliminate your cockroach problem, a complete home inspection must be performed in order to determine the type and extent of the infestation. Greenleaf’s experienced pest control experts will start by identifying their harborages, travel routes, and food and water sources, gathering the necessary information to create a specific plan of attack to manage and control the existing problems. Since cockroaches have developed resistance to most insecticides on the market, Greenleaf only uses professional cockroach bait stations, residual spray concentrates, pheromone traps, and (specialized insecticide) dusts. By doing so, we minimize the risk of your family and pets being exposed to toxic insecticides and also make sure your cockroach infestation is dealt with effectively.


Call Greenleaf Pest Control for Guaranteed Cockroach Extermination in The Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario.


If you want to regain control of your home eliminating German cockroaches at the source, call Greenleaf Pest Control at 416.998.9473 in Toronto or 519.489­.7090 in Western Ontario for effective and environmentally-friendly treatment of your house and business. Our expert technicians are skilled in identifying and eliminating any kind of pest problem, including ants, bed bugs, rodents, termites, nuisance birds, and many others. Call us now to take advantage of our guaranteed pest control services in Toronto, Vaughan, Newmarket, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Barrie, and all of the Greater Toronto Area.



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