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toronto: 416.998.9473

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If You’ve Got an Ant Problem, We’ve Got Your Solution


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August 2016


Ant Control Toronto

Everybody expects ants to show up at a picnic. Ants on your kitchen counter, however, are definitely unwelcome guests. Ants come into your home through cracks in walls, around windows, and through pipes. Once they get into your food supply, you may be facing a serious infestation.


Ants come in various sizes and colors, but Canadian homes and commercial structures are typically invaded by one or both of these species:


  • Carpenter ants– Just over a half-inch in length, carpenter ants dig tunnels through wood to build their nests. They typically look for damp or decaying wood but will move on to undamaged dry wood and therefore can pose a threat to structures. Carpenter ants enter buildings and structures through cracks around doors, windows, or through any gaps along exterior walls, such as holes for wiring or plumbing. Foliage or trees close to a structure can provide above-ground access as well.Water is necessary for carpenter ants’ survival, so by eliminating external and internal sources of moisture – in particular standing water – you can minimize the likelihood of an invasion. You can also keep carpenter ants at bay by keeping branches and other foliage at a distance from openings to the structures and sealing up any cracks or gaps in walls and around windows and doors. Also, be sure not to leave piles of wood around; they offer an open invitation to nesting.
  • Pavement ants– As their name suggests, pavement ants live in the ground, usually under paved surfaces, but can invade structures, as well.Tiny in size (just one-eighth of an inch), pavement ants thrive on any kind of food particle. They take up residence in walls, insulation, and under floors. They will come into your home through cracks in the structure and along pipes.Like carpenter ants, they need water to live, so eliminating standing water supplies is essential. Also, avoid leaving any food remnants, greasy surfaces, or crumbs in and around your home’s interior.


Greenleaf Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to eliminating your ant problem that respects the whole ecosystem – human and insect. IPM is a combination of eco-friendly methods to remove ants from your home, business, or property once and for all. Our methods ensure the removal of these pests without over-reliance on toxic chemicals that may be hazardous to people and their environment.


To treat your ant infestation, we will first assess the severity of the problem, your home’s access points, and areas that may be providing a fertile habitat for the insects to thrive. We will then use a combination of treatment methods to ensure the removal of the infestation. As ant invasions can recur, effective permanent removal of the insects may require periodic treatments.


If you are seeking a natural, environmentally safe solution to your ant problem, call the pest control experts at Greenleaf Pest Control today. Call 416.998.9473 for a consultation or e-mail us at info@greenleafpestcontrol.com