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Pest Control Oakville

Greenleaf Pest Control is Your Environmentally-Friendly Solution to Pests in Oakville


In Oakville, a variety of pests can enter your home or business, and due to the high-level of shipping that goes in and out of the town’s port, certain insects like cockroaches have become a nuisance for local residents. At Greenleaf Pest Control, we offer complete residential and commercial pest control services to ensure your building is pest-free, but our treatment options don’t stop there. We also believe in the fundamental philosophy that when each of us makes small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a positive impact on the environment for generations to come. That is why we offer the most environmentally-friendly pest extermination services on the market for Oakville residents and business owners.


Oakville Pest Control Services


We will always seek the most eco-friendly solutions to your pest problems, including traps, enzymes, organic treatments, and baits. Our goal is to provide the most effective pest control services while minimizing or completely eliminating the use of pesticides in your home or business.


Our safe and effective pest control solutions are based on a double-edged approach. This two-sided approach includes Integrated Pest Management (IPM), combined with our ecologically friendly and Environmental Pest Management (EPM), providing you the safest, most effective pest control services on the market.


Oakville Residential Pest Control Services


We understand that keeping your family safe is your highest priority. When it comes to pest control, that means you will take any means necessary to keep your home pest-free, which often leads to the heavy use of toxic chemicals. However, what’s even better is being pest-free while minimizing or completely eliminating the use of pesticides. At Greenleaf pest Control, we offer residential customers in Oakville a variety of methods to control aggravating and dangerous pests that minimize or completely eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, including steam, diatomaceous earth, vacuuming, physical barriers, and more. We believe that protecting your family from pests includes keeping them safe from harmful pesticides and poisons.


Oakville Pest Control Services


Our BASIC home pest control service involves the complete inspection of your home, both in-side and out, to determine any pest issues you may be having. Once completed, we will provide you a detailed report of our findings, including safe and effective options you can take to treat and prevent pests form your home.


Commercial Pest Control Solution in Oakville


Greenleaf Pest Control’s safe and eco-friendly services go far beyond just our residential customers. If you are a business owner with a pest problem, our team of specialists can provide the safe, effective, and discreet removal of the insects, rodents, and wildlife. After conducting a thorough inspect of your building, we will create a unique treatment and prevention plan to en-sure your business is pest-free. We offer a variety of commercial pest control services to the Oakville area, including:


  • Inspection/Analysis/Recommendations
  • Analysis of Pest Control Trends
  • HACCP Review
  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • Consultations
  • Emergency Services (When Needed)
  • Employee Education


Complete Oakville Pest Control and Removal Service: Pests, Bees, Wasps, Rodents, Ants, Bed Bugs, and Wildlife


No matter what pest has infested your home or business, we provide the safest and most effective ways to control and eliminate the problem. Our team of specialists can assist you with all of your residential and commercial pest control needs, including:



Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


In order to provide the most effective solutions to pest problems in Oakville, Greenleaf Pest Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM rests upon our extensive knowledge of the biological life cycles of pests as well as a fundamental understanding of the ways in which pests interact with their surroundings. This allows us to safely and effectively treat pest problems in your home or business no matter how severe the infestation is or what stage of the life cycle the pests are living in.


Environmental Pest Management (EPM)


Greenleaf Pest Control reduces the use of harmful pesticides by utilizing environmentally conscious Environmental Pest Management (EPM) to create environments that are unsuitable for pests. By removing the things that pests need to survive, along with blocking access to them through the use of vacuums, traps, and organic products, we are able to reduce and often eliminate the use of toxic pesticides in your home or business while maintaining effective pest control solutions.


Humane Wildlife Removal in Oakville


In addition to providing pest control services to Oakville, Greenleaf Pest Control also offers hu-mane wildlife removal for homes and businesses in the area. Invasive wildlife can create toxic living conditions for your family and pets while also causing substantial damage to your physical structure. Our team of specialists employ live traps, along with the implementation of physical barriers at entry points in order to protect you and your home from the devastation and disease caused by rodents, bats, raccoons, birds, and other unwanted wildlife.


Bed Bug Prevention and Treatment for Your Oakville Home or Business


Bed bugs don’t just infest beds, their recent population boom across the country has found them in just about any place imaginable. If your home or business has been infested, Greenleaf Pest Control can safely and effectively treat the problem without using harmful pesticides in the pro-cess. Once the treatment is completed, we will provide you the knowledge and assistance you need to keep them from returning in the future.


Our bed bug removal services begin with a canine inspection of your building. Canine’s have become a staple in the pest control industry as they provide the most efficient and accurate detection available. Once the inspection is completed, our team will provide you with a detailed report and utilize heat treatment in combination with an IPM strategy to ensure your home is bed bug free.


Our specialized bed bug treatment includes:



Oakville Pest Control Services



As the first company in Canada to utilize NESDCA-certified handlers and canines, GreenLeaf Pest Control provides the assurance that if the dog detects bed bugs, they are live bugs and viable eggs. Our dogs not only reliably determine whether or not you have bed bugs, but will pinpoint the location in your home or apartment with precision.


Contact Greenleaf Pest Control for Pest Removal and Prevention in Oakville


Greenleaf Pest Control has set the standard for environmentally-friendly, high-quality pest con-trol in Oakville and its surrounding areas. When you want safe, effective, efficient, and eco-friendly pest control solutions for your home or business, contact Greenleaf Pest Control at (416) 998-9473. Our team of specialists can treat any type of pest, including bed bugs, wasps, ants, cockroaches, birds, and wildlife, ensuring your family, home, and business is safe and pest-free.