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How Ants Can Be Good Or Bad For Your Garden

How Ants Can Be Good Or Bad For Your Garden

Posted By: Daniel Mackie
Category: Pest Control

If you own a garden, whether you are growing flowers, herbs, produce, or all of the above, you are likely wondering how ants react to what you grow, as well as what roles they play when it comes to your goods.

You have likely encountered a few good anthills near your home in the past, and these ants could possibly serve as threats to your yard, but in many cases, they can be beneficial as well. Here are all the ways that ants can be both beneficial and detrimental to your garden.

Ants Regulate Other Pests

Ants might not be the biggest threat on your property, as you might have other more serious pests that you may not be aware of. Ants can limit the reproduction of these pests, such as the flea beetle and earwigs, by simply devouring their eggs. Ants are also capable of interrupting pests during the breeding process, and preventing the birth of offspring. As early as 1500 years ago, farmers have used ants to help limit pests.

Ants Can Contribute To Your Pest Population

If you have other known pests like whiteflies and aphids, you should be aware that there may be a colony of ants around, too. This is because these types of bugs produce a sweet and sugary substance known as honeydew (not to be confused with honey that is made by bees). This honeydew is definitely something that ants crave.

With this in mind, there are definitely times where you do not want to have ants around, as they could harm produce in areas where aphids roam. Ants will also go as far as to protect aphids from other harmful insects so that they can keep producing more honeydew. Ants can even make aphids harder to deal with for homeowners by carrying them back to their colony. This is when you should hire a local pest control company in Markham so that they can help find and neutralize any ant hills.

Ants Can Give Health To Plants

To a homeowner, this may sound crazy to read for the first time, but when ants dig holes in your soil, they provide an easy way for oxygen and water to get to your plants. Aside from sunshine, you will need plenty of air and water for your flowers and produce to grow strong. Therefore, these holes that are dug up by ants, you can give your plants, especially their roots, an easy way to receive the nutrients they need.

This process is called “aeration”, and is a technique that can be used in many areas, from cooking to pond management. If you decide to call a pest control company to remove possible ants from your property, you might need to find another way for your produce to receive substantial air and water.

Ants Can Damage Property, Aside From Produce

There are select species of ants that can harm your property as well as human beings. One type of ant to not mess with is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants love wood, are capable of damaging and removing wood from your home, and are not afraid to use it in the making of their nest.

Fire ants are dark red ants that can actually sting when you irritate them. When they sting you or one of your pets, it can leave a mark for a few days.

Fire and carpenter ants are definitely 2 species of ants that you don’t want to leave be. It is important to tackle these species of ants as soon as they become prevalent to ensure your safety. We always recommend to contact a local pest control professional to remove them from your property.

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