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Prevention Tips

Bed Bugs have been increasing at a rapid rate over the last few years. The key components to avoiding bed bugs are: awareness; prevention and ongoing monitoring.




  • Hotels, Motels, Cruise Ships, Planes, Taxis
  • Hospitals, Long Term Health Care Facilities
  • Office, Theatres, Schools
  • Shelters, Correctional Facilities
  • Discarded Furniture, Second Hand Furniture
  • Rented Trucks, Cars, Furniture
  • Borrowed Luggage, Furniture
  • House Guests Visiting




  • Avoid curb-side shopping and second hand furniture. Do not take any used furniture or mattresses from the street; if you must bring in second hand furniture thoroughly inspect it first.
  • If you purchasing second hand clothing, pack it in a sealed plastic bag, and then wash immediately in hot water followed by 30 minutes in the dryer.
  • A home free clutter gives, the more clutter you have, the more places for bed bugs to hide. Don’t keep anything under your bed.
  • Wrap your bed with a bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasement. This will protect your bed, and deny access for the bed bugs to hide in their favourite spots.
  • Place bed bug monitoring devices such as www.thebedmoat.com under the legs of your bed to as your first line of defence to monitor for bed bug activity.


Bed Bug Prevention Tips Bed Bug Prevention Tips




  • Research websites like The Bedbug Registry or www.tripadvisor.com for reports on bed bug activity in the places you are staying.
  • Hard surface luggage is less “bed bug friendly”. Hard luggage vs. soft luggage has fewer hiding places for bed bugs and bed bugs much prefer the textured surfaces of the smooth luggage.
  • Before settling in, make sure to inspect your room for bed bugs. If there are tell tale signs like brownish spots, shed skins or bed bugs themselves. Make sure to visually inspect the mattress, box spring, head board. Inspect along the seams of the mattress, and in the plastic corner protectors of the box spring.
  • Do not place your luggage on the bed (bed bugs are typically on or very close to the bed). Use the luggage rack and place it in the middle of the room. Take out items as you need them.
  • When leaving place the content of your luggage in plastic sealable bags to protect your clothes and other items.
  • When returning home if possible unpack outside, or in the garage. Place clothing sealed in the plastic bag directly in the washing machine, or if not soiled directly in the dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes on the hottest heat setting. Place plastic bags that contained clothing in a sealed outside container.


Bed Bug Prevention Tips Bed Bug Prevention Tips



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