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Preparation Services for Bed Bug Removal in Toronto


Toronto Bed Bug Preparation Services


Whether you own a five-star hotel or an immaculately kept two-bedroom condo in Toronto, bed bugs can surprise you by showing up on your doorstep—or worse, your pillow. When bed bugs appear, don’t delay—contact the bed bug extermination team at Greenleaf Pest Control to stop the infestation dead in its tracks. Once you have bed bugs, they will not go away without proper treatment. Greenleaf Pest Control provides safe, thorough, and effective eradication of bed bugs throughout the GTA, and preparation is a key part of ensuring that your treatment works the first time.


Why is Preparation so Critical to Bed Bug Treatment?


In order to eliminate a bed bug infestation, all bed bugs, eggs, and larvae must be located and destroyed. That’s why preparation services are such a crucial part of the total bed bug removal process that our professional exterminators in Toronto will use when treating your location. Without proper preparation services, there could be countless places for bed bugs to hide during treatment, only to reappear and reinfest later. Please familiarize yourself with the following preparation steps, which must be carried out diligently and thoroughly prior to treatment.


Bed Bug Treatment Preparation: Laundering Infested Items


  • All bedding in use on beds will be washed on a high heat cycle and tumbled dry on the appropriate heat setting.
  • Bedding, linens, curtains, clothing, and all other items that can be “washed,” including stuffed animals, decorative pillows, etc. will be tumbled in the dryer for at least 30 minutes on the highest heat setting.
  • All “laundry” items in each infested room will be placed in black garbage bags and tied securely. Then, the Items will then be removed one bag at a time and placed directly into the dryer on the highest heat setting for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Once infested clothing and bedding are in the dryer, the black garbage bag will be immediately placed in a sealed container and removed from the home or building.
  • After all items have been heated and tumbled in the dryer, they will be placed in a new, clean, and never before used clear garbage bag, which will be tied securely.
  • If any items require dry cleaning, the dry cleaners must be informed that the items are potentially infested, and the items must be properly bagged. Bear in mind that the dry cleaners may refuse to accept them.


Bed Bug Treatment Preparation: Identifying and Cleaning Furniture and its Contents


  • Furniture with potential bed bug hiding spots and crevices will be emptied of their contents: bookshelves, desks, night stands, china cabinets, etc.
  • Contents will be thoroughly inspected for bed bugs, and if safe, bagged in tightly sealed clear plastic bags (for visibility) until room is treated.
  • Items and contents that are severely infested will be reported, and recommendations will be made on whether they can be treated or should be removed permanently.
  • Disposing of infested items or clutter that can’t be cleaned will be done with the permission of the resident or landlord. Items that must be disposed of will be placed in sealed plastic containers or plastic bags which will then be placed in an outdoor container which is clearly labeled (INFESTED ITEMS) to avoid “curbside shopping.”
  • Furniture, as well as the entire home or unit, will be thoroughly vacuumed prior to treatment. Additional vacuuming with specialized vacuum equipment will take place during the treatment phase, as well.


Bed Bug Treatment Preparation: Targeting and Eliminating Hiding Spots and Areas of Harbourage


  • Minor repair of cracks in walls, loose wallpaper, and spaces in baseboards will be made to eliminate hiding spots for bed bugs.
  • Any larger structural repairs that may be necessary will be reported to tenant and property owner or property manager.


To Learn More About Preparation Services for Bed Bug Removal, Call Greenleaf Pest Control in Toronto


When you want safe, effective, efficient, and ecologically friendly bed bug removal in Toronto or Vaughan for your home, business, or other property or facility, contact Greenleaf Pest Control at 416.998.9473. Greenleaf Pest Control has set the industry standard for environmentally friendly, quality pest control of insects, including bed bugs, wasps, ants, cockroaches, as well as rodents and wildlife, including squirrels, skunks, and birds. Greenleaf Pest Control is pleased to serve Newmarket, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Oakville, and all of the Greater Toronto Area.