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toronto: 416.998.9473

Servicing all of Southern Ontario

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Control Services in Toronto to Use NESDCA Trained Canines in Barrie and Greater Toronto Area


Toronto Canine Bed Bug Detection


You suspect that you might have a bed bug problem, but are not quite sure, it is important to get an accurate determination before you go to the effort and expense involved in bed bug extermination in Toronto or any of the surrounding areas such as Vaughan, Barrie, or Mississauga. Greenleaf Pest Control can provide you with canine bed bug detection with dogs that have been trained in a NESDCA certified facility to ensure that they only detect bed bugs that are alive and eggs that are viable. It is of no help to you to have a dog that detects bed bug eggs that have been lying dead and dormant in a mattress for years.


Bed Bug Dog Detection – The Best Way to Determine Whether or Not You Have a Bed Bug Infestation


Because The Bed Bug Tracker dogs have been trained by a facility that is NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association), you have the assurance that the method of detection being used to determine whether or not you have a bed bug infestation has been scientifically verified. Our dogs’ training has been independently tested and is internationally recognized, ensuring that you are getting the most accurate detection possible of bed bugs that are not always visible by day. Plus, even if the presence of bed bugs in your apartment, home, or commercial establishment has not yet reached what would be considered an infestation, a trained dog is able to detect even a single bed bug. Canine detection also enables detection inside of walls, under carpet, or behind outlets.


Accurate Bed Bug Detection in Toronto Utilized by Homeowners and Industries Alike in Barrie and Greater Toronto Area


Early detection and eradication are essential when you are trying to engage in bed bug extermination of your Vaughan, Barrie, or Toronto residence or business. Canine detection enables you to take care of small bed bug issues before they become full-scale infestations. As an added advantage, discretion and confidentiality is a hallmark of Greenleaf Pest Control and The Bed Bug Tracker. We do not have logos on the vehicles that arrive, nor will the handlers or techs have any marketing emblems on their clothing. Your canine bed bug detections will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.


For Bed Bug Issues, Contact Greenleaf Pest Control As Soon As Possible for Confidential Help


When you want safe, effective, efficient, and ecologically friendly pest control for your residence or business, contact Greenleaf Pest Control at 416.998.9473 in order to get rid of any kind of pest, including bed bugs, wasps, ants, and cockroaches, as well as squirrels, skunks, and birds. Greenleaf Pest Control has set the industry standard for environmentally friendly, quality pest control in Newmarket, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Oakville, and all of the Greater Toronto Area.


Toronto Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs